NDEP COVID-19 Response

NDEP is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in a number of ways. First and foremost, NDEP remains committed to carrying out its mission and providing services while keeping both the public and our workforce safe. Please check this page for updates on NDEP’s facilities, process changes, and response initiatives.  


Doing Business with NDEP during the COVID-19 Pandemic 

NDEP has closed its offices to the public and the majority of NDEP’s employees are working remotely. NDEP employees are keeping regular hours but may not answer their telephone as quickly as email. In most cases, NDEP staff will be able to respond to email more quickly. Contact information for all staff is linked through the “Contact Us” link at the right top of each webpage, and then linked in a column on the right hand side.  

To minimize risks to the public and NDEP staff, NDEP employees working with the public, including inspectors, will practice social distancing, utilize PPE, and take other appropriate safety measures. The majority of NDEP staff have transitioned to telework, and we are working to maintain continuous operation of our programs and functions to the greatest extent possible during this public health crisis. 

Many programs can receive and review electronic documents. Please check with specific program contacts for individual requirements. Likewise, many programs are transitioning to providing routine NDEP written correspondence via emailexcept compliance and enforcement communications. 

NDEP programs are able to hold meetings through teleconference and in most cases programs have videoconference capability to share visual aids for discussion. 


Compliance during COVID-19 Pandemic 

NDEP remains committed to protecting public health and the environment while sustaining a vibrant economy.  

As always, Nevada regulated entities subject to federal programs delegated to the State (including RCRA hazardous waste requirements, Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, and Clean Air Act) and those operating under State-only programs (including Mining Regulation and Reclamation and the Chemical Accident Prevention Program) are expected to maintain full compliance with all applicable environmental requirements, including monitoring, sampling, testing, training, certifications and reporting.  

NDEP is also available to review reasonable accommodations for environmental compliance activities directly affected by COVID-19 with regulated entities. Please contact individual bureaus and as indicated below to request assistance from NDEP programs in reviewing individual circumstances for your operations. 





Safe Drinking Water (including Environmental Lab Certification) 

For Public Water Systems, Certified Operators or Certified Laboratories seeking enforcement discretion, please use this form.

Water Pollution Control 

For entities regulated by the Bureau of Water Pollution Control seeking enforcement discretion, please use this form.



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