Nevada Projects

Nevada Brownfields Projects

This is a brief list of projects funded through the Brownfields Program in Nevada. For more information, please follow the directions on the file review.

A federal Brownfields database also exists which is called ACRES. This site is maintained by EPA and all sites that receive Brownfields funding should be found in this database.

Project Name
Reno CitiCenter / Sparks CitiStation Public Transit Facility
Dodd/Beals Fire Academy
Old Hawthorne Landfill — Brownfields Project
Reno Downtown Events Center
427 Evans Avenue, Reno
Belaustegui Park
Union Park
Former Jeans Barber Shop
Former Silver Strike Motel
Gabbs Former Recreation Hall
Gooseberry Mine
Hawthorne Bowling Alley
Henderson Former Police Firing Range
Lambertucci-Roma Ranch
Las Vegas Armory
Northern Nevada Railway Museum
Old White Pine County Landfill
Owyhee Combined School
Reno Sparks Indian Colony
W. 2nd and Stevenson Streets, Reno
Tonopah Airport

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