Bureau of Industrial Site Cleanup Contacts

Bureau of Industrial Site Cleanup
James Dotchin - Chief
jdotchin [at] ndep.nv.gov
(702) 668-3914
Carlton Parker - Supervisor
jcarltonparker [at] ndep.nv.gov
(702) 668-3908
Grant Evenson - Case Officer
Basic Remediation Company
Titanium Metals Corporation (TIMET)

gevenson [at] ndep.nv.gov
(702) 668-3920
Weiquan Dong - Case Officer
Nevada Environmental Response Trust (NERT)
wdong [at] ndep.nv.gov
(702) 668-3929
Chad Schoop - Case Officer
Pioneer Americas, LLC d/b/a Olin Chlor Alkali Products; Stauffer; and Montrose
cschoop [at] ndep.nv.gov
(702) 668-3926
Alan Pineda - Case Officer
Three Kids Mine

alan.pineda [at] ndep.nv.gov
(702) 668-3925
Danielle Ward - Administrative Assistant
d.ward [at] ndep.nv.gov
(702) 668-3931
Katie Bradley - Administrative Services Officer
kbradley [at] ndep.nv.gov
(775) 687-9319
Sandi Gotta - Management Analyst
sjgotta [at] ndep.nv.gov
(775) 687-9352

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