Engineering and Subdivision Review

Engineering Plan Reviews

The Bureau of Water Pollution Control conducts technical reviews of plans and specifications for all types of discharge facilities during the permit issuance process and during the life of the permit. The review of plans and specifications is performed by the Bureaus’ engineers and scientist to verify that the design meets minimum design standards. In reviewing the design of treatment works, the applicable requirements of Recommend Standards for Sewage Works by the Great Lakes (also known as Ten States S, appropriate American Society of Civil Engineers Manual of Engineering Practice or federal or other accepted engineering guidelines are used (NAC445A.284) Additionally, the Bureau has established technical guidance’s to facilitate the review and submittal process for plans.

Complete engineering plans and specifications prepared by a qualified professional engineer, authorized under state law to prepare such plans and specifications, must be submitted covering such items as sewage collection, treatment and disposal and all other matters properly relating thereto. There is no review fee for plan reviews by the Bureau as that is covered under the permit fees. In general, the Division will conduct its review of plans for existing permits within 30 days of a complete submittal.

The review or approval of facilities plans, design drawings, and specifications or other documents by the Division is for administrative purposes only and does not relieve the owner of the responsibility to properly plan, design, build and effectively operate and maintain the facility as required under law, regulations, permits, and good management practices. The Division is not responsible for increased costs resulting from defects in design, plans and specifications or other pertinent documents.

It is imperative that a discharge permit must be issued from this Division before construction of any treatment works (per NRS 445a.585).

Subdivision Review

2005 Legislative Session:

During the 2005 Legislative Session, Senate Bill 395 transferred responsibility for operation of certain programs from the Health Division to the Division of Environmental Protection

These changes are intended to combine and streamline both the Drinking Water and Waste Water approval process and apply to all subdivision submittals not including those made to Clark and Washoe Counties. BWPC staff is the lead reviewing agency for both the wastewater and drinking water subdivision projects.

The Bureau of Safe Drinking Water will continue to evaluate appropriate aspects of subdivisions, such as the capability of the Public Water System to serve the proposed development. These activities, however, are internal to NDEP and transparent to the public as projects are submitted for review and approval.

Stamp and Signature Requirements:

In accordance with Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 625.6102 and pursuant to NRS 625.5653, all surveying maps and records, and all engineering plans, specifications, reports or other documents that are submitted to obtain permits, are released for construction or are issued as formal or final documents to clients, public authorities or third parties must bear:

  • The signature of the licensee;
  • The stamp or seal of the licensee;
  • The date of signing; and
  • The expiration date of the license of the licensee
Nevada Division of Environmental Signatures:

Currently, signatures for Final Maps within the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection are provided by:

  • Ryan Fahey, E.S.,           (775) 687-9546
  • April Holt, P.E.,               (775) 687-9439
  • Katura Tullar, E.S.,         (775) 687-9315
  • Katrina Pascual, P.E.,     (775) 687-9435
Applies to:

Subdivisions of Land as defined by Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 278.

Subdivision of Land: General Provisions
NRS 278.320 “Subdivision” defined; exemptions for certain land.

1. “Subdivision” means any land, vacant or improved, which is divided or proposed to be divided into five or more lots, parcels, sites, units or plots, for the purpose of any transfer or development, or any proposed transfer or development, unless exempted by one of the following provisions:

(a) The term “subdivision” does not apply to any division of land which is subject to the provisions of NRS 278.471 to 278.4725 , inclusive…


For Clark and Washoe Counties:
Tentative Subdivision Map: $100 + $1 per lot
Final Subdivision Map: $50
Amended Final Subdivision Map: $50
Reversion to Acreage Map: $50

For All other Counties:
Tentative Subdivision Map Fee: $400 + $3 per lot

Final Subdivision Map Fee: $400 + $3 per lot
Subdivision Improvement Plans Fee: $250 + $3 per lot (water project review)

Amended Final Subdivision Map: $50
Reversion to Acreage Map: $50
Parcel Maps: No Fee Required

Please note: The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) reviews Parcel Maps at the Counties request for the conditions of water pollution control and sewage disposal. This review is performed as a courtesy, is advisory in nature, and does not infer or contain any statutory authority. Authority for approval lies with the County.

Payable to:

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection or NDEP

Submit to:

Bureau of Water Pollution Control
Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
901 South Stewart Street, Suite 4001
Carson City NV 89701-5249

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