State Revolving Loan Fund (SRF)

The State Revolving Fund provides loans for drinking water and wastewater infrastructure construction projects to publicly-owned and privately -owned systems in Nevada. Financing is available at below market rates and some communities may qualify for principal forgiveness loans.

Pre-applications are accepted through the Nevada Infrastructure Financial System (NIFS)

Access to NIFS

State Revolving Fund Documents

Operating Agreement

Annual Report SFY 2020

Financial Report SFY 2019

Nevada Water & Wastewater Project Proposal

Clean Water Program 

Drinking Water Program 

Final Project Priority List Effective June 2022Final Project Priority List Effective June 2022

July 2022 Priority List Workshop Presentation

June 2022 Priority List Workshop Presentation

July 2022 Project Priority Workshop Minutes

June 2022 Project Priority Workshop Minutes

Priority List Ranking Criteria

Priority List Ranking Criteria

Intended Use Plan (SFY 2022)

Draft Intended Use Plan (SFY 2022)

Intended Use Plan (SFY 2021)

Amended Intended Use Plan (SFY 2021)

What systems and projects qualify for funding?

What systems and projects qualify for funding?

Steps to fund a Wastewater or Stormwater Project

Steps to fund a Drinking Water Project

Legal Authority for the Programs:

Clean Water SRF

Drinking Water SRF

33 U.S.C. §1381 et seq. as amended

42 U.S.C. §300f et seq. as amended

40 C.F.R. Part K §35.3100-35.3160

40 C.F.R. Part L §35.3500-35.3585

NRS 445A.060-445A.160

NRS 445A.200-445A.295

NAC 445A.685-445A.805

NAC 445A.6751-445A.67644

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