About the Grants Program

About the Grants Program — In 1991, the Nevada State Legislature created a program (NRS 349.980 through 349.987) to provide grants to purveyors of water to assist with the costs of capital improvements to publicly owned community water systems and publicly owned nontransient water systems as required or made necessary by the NDEP, Bureau of Safe Drinking Water or the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. Senate and assembly bills related to the history of this program can be viewed on this page.

The grant program was established to fill the financial gap between actual costs and what the community can afford. In this sense, an applicant community is expected to do as much as possible to help themselves before seeking the State's assistance. When a large project is required, the applicant is required to finance as much of the project as is locally possible.

Program Expendures — A summary of all of the grants approved by the Board from the inception of the program through December 31, 2016 may be viewed by clicking on either of the images of the state below.

Total Grant Amounts by County
Grant Project Locations

In order to see the actual amount of grant funding obligated by the Board and disbursed during the project, click on the Program Summary through December 31, 2016 sheet below.


Bills related to the State Grant Program passed by the Nevada State Legislature


Assembly Bill History

AB 251 - 1987 SessionCreated the Board for Financing Water Projects
AB 197 - 1991 SessionCreated state loan program & authorized $100,000,000 in revenue bonds to support the purposes of this program
AB 198 - 1991 SessionCreated state grant program & authorized general obligation bond authority at $25,000,000
AB 535 - 1993 SessionExpanded class of publicly owned water systems eligible for grants
AB 237 - 1999 SessionExpanded class of publicly owned water systems eligible for grants to include irrigation/water conservation & increased bond authority from $40,000,000 to $50,000,000
AB 549 - 2001 SessionIncreased bond authority from $50,000,000 to $69,000,000
AB 473 - 2003 SessionMoved the Drinking Water SRF Program from the Health Division to NDEP
AB 20 - 2005 SessionIncreased bond authority to $125,000,000
AB 236 - 2009 SessionExpanded the definition of "eligible recipient" to include nonprofit associations or cooperatives



Senate Bill History

SB 141 - 1995 SessionRevised provisions governing eligibility of certain purveyors of water to receive grants
SB 302 - 1997 SessionEstablishes statutes for SRF; Repealed AB 197 loan program & Increased bond authority for grants program from $25,000,000 to $40,000,000
SB 200 - 2003 SessionAuthorized grants to pay certain costs associated with connecting to a community sewer system & Increased bond authority from $69,000,000 to $73,000,000
SB 233 - 2003 SessionIncreased bond authority from $69,000,000 to $86,000,000
SB 18 - 2005 SessionAuthorized grants to pay certain costs associated with connecting to municipal water systems
SB 62 - 2005 SessionCreated a $1,000,000 water rights technical support fund
SB 147 - 2005 SessionIncreased  bond authority to $125,000,000 (revolving)
SB 395 - 2005 SessionTransferred responsibility of the safe drinking water program from Health to NDEP
SB 105 - 2009 SessionChanged NRS 349.983 to make the amount of matching funds required from the recipient based on the total project cost



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