Solid Waste Management Plan

Nevada's Solid Waste Management Plan (Plan) provides a description of the existing framework for solid waste management within the applicable laws, regulations and infrastructure within the State. The Plan describes governmental roles and responsibilities, statewide trends in solid waste management, the assessment of Nevada's municipal solid waste management systems, and solid waste management issues and future considerations.

Nevada Revised Statute NRS 444.570 requires the State Environmental Commission (SEC), in cooperation with governing bodies of Nevada's municipalities, to develop a statewide solid waste management system plan. The plan is reviewed and revised, as needed, every five years. This Plan is intended to fulfill this requirement and to provide guidance, and information to support:

  • Adoption of solid waste management regulations by the SEC;
  • Efforts undertaken by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) before the Nevada Legislature regarding the allocation of solid waste program resources;
  • Development and implementation of solid waste management plans and ordinances administrated by Nevada's municipal governments; and
  • Activities by other stakeholders who provide solid waste services to the communities, businesses and residents of Nevada.

Current Version - Approved by the SEC 9/13/17(pdf files)

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