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Download GIS Data using Open Data on ArcGIS Online

NDEP now has a NEW Open Data site hosted on ArcGIS Online! You can now download any of our layers on the eMap without any GIS software!

You can search for layers or click on Explore NDEP Open Data to see all available layers.



Download GIS Data using a GeoData Service

NDEP offers a GeoData Service for spatial data download. A Geodata Service allows you to access our SDE geodatabase over the internet. The service provides the ability to perform geodatabase data extraction (i.e. download). Some of NDEP's GIS datasets are updated every day.

Click here to view detailed instructions on how to download data from the GeoData Service.


  • If you get an error, please double check that you have added the eMap_Geodata map service and not the eMap. If that is correct, our server may be temporarily offline. Also, please note that we are running ArcGIS 10.4.1 and that it may not be backward compatible with your version.
  • For security and liability reasons, NDEP only provides download access to datasets maintained by NDEP. If you require other datasets (such as NDOT or BLM layers), please see the Links tab on this website and contact the appropriate organizations directly.
  • The URL for a map service cannot be viewed in a web browser because it is a web service that broadcasts data over the internet in a format that can only be interpreted by a supporting map application.
  • The Geodata service will not work with ArcGIS Desktop version 9.x or lower. An ArcView license is sufficient for using this service.

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