Other Funding Sources

Other Brownfields Funding Sources

In addition to the Nevada Brownfields Program, Brownfields projects in Nevada can benefit from a variety of funding sources.

U.S. EPA Brownfields Funding

Like the Nevada Brownfields Program, U.S. EPA Region IX provides grants for the assessment and clean-up of Brownfields sites. Applications are generally accepted every year or every two years. For more information on U.S. EPA Brownfields funding and the application process, visit the U.S. EPA Brownfields grant funding webpage.

  • Assessment Grants provide up to $200,000 for Brownfields inventories, planning, environmental assessments, and community outreach.
  • Revolving Loan Fund Grants are available to recipients of federal or state Brownfields program funding. The Revolving Loan Fund Grants provide seed funding for grant recipients to capitalize a revolving loan fund and to provide subgrants to carry out cleanup activities at Brownfields sites. Interested parties may apply directly to the EPA, but are encouraged to submit their application as a coalition partner with the revolving loan fund already being operated by the State of Nevada.
  • Cleanup Grants provide up to $200,000 for grant recipients to carry out cleanup activities at Brownfield sites owned by the applicant.
  • Area-Wide Planning Grants provide up to ___ in funding to communities to research, plan, and develop implementation strategies for cleaning up and revitalizing a specific area affected by one or more Brownfields sites.
  • Workforce Development and Job Training Grants allow nonprofits and other organizations to provide environmental training for residents in communities with Brownfields sites.

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

HUD administers several funding mechanisms that can be leveraged by Brownfields projects, including Section 108 loan guarantees, Community Development Block Grants, and Empowerment Zone/Enterprise Community designations.

HUD also administers the Brownfields Economic Development Initiative (BEDI), a competitive grant program to assist cities with Brownfields redevelopment. The program has not been funded since 2010, but funding may return in the future.

U.S. Economic Development Administration

The U.S. Economic Development Administration provides grants for Brownfields redevelopment in economically distressed areas. These funds can be accessed through local Economic Development Authorities.

       Nevada Economic Development Resources

       National Economic Development Resources

The Brownfields National Partnership Action Agenda

The Brownfields National Partnership Action Agenda is a commitment made by 25 organizations representing 15 federal agencies to provide funding and technical guidance to Brownfields projects. Refer to this EPA fact sheet for additional information. 

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