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Nevada Recycles Joins Efforts with Partners for a Sustainable Nevada

The Sustainable Nevada website is a joint effort between Nevada Recycles and Partners for a Sustainable Nevada. 

Nevada Recycles

Nevada Recycles is a program within the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) and the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP). It is currently managed by the Bureau of Sustainable Materials Management (BSMM). Established in 1992, Nevada Recycles has been striving to surpass our 25% recycling rate goal for the state. We are committed to reducing waste and increasing recycling opportunities in Nevada. Nevada Recycles promotes recycling, waste reduction, resource conservation, preservation and sustainability through education and facilitation of partnerships with the public, educational institutions, private companies, non-profits, and other governmental organizations and agencies.

Partners for a Sustainable Nevada

In 2021, BSMM brought together businesses, non-profits, and governmental agencies to foster communication and collaboration, promote sustainability programs across the state, and guide stakeholders towards a common vision – to change the way Nevada thinks about sustainability for our future generations by identifying and promoting opportunities to advance and expand sustainability efforts statewide. This stakeholder group, named Partners for a Sustainable Nevada (PSN), is now a strong network of private and public sector members who are interested in and dedicated to building a sustainable Nevada.

Partnership to Promote Sustainability Education & Outreach

Nevada Recycles and PSN partnered together to help facilitate the promotion of sustainability-related educational materials and resources. In the fall of 2022, the Nevada Recycles website became the Sustainable Nevada website. The website will continue to be a hub for recycling resources. Recycling is a key component of sustainability – one that many of us are familiar with. However, we must also be willing to take a step back from focusing solely on how we only manage products at the end of their life. Many environmental impacts of a product occur before a product makes it to the trash or recycling bin. Therefore, we should be asking ourselves: how do we reduce the impacts of creating, using, and disposing of a product? Recycling is just one of many important solutions to this question. Therefore, in addition to maintaining these recycling resources, the Sustainable Nevada website will also act as centralized clearing house for all sustainability topics, with the main goal of providing resources that will help Nevadans recognize and implement the sustainable use of all resources.

Contact Us

If you have any recycling or composting questions, don't hesitate to contact us or call the Recycling Hotline at 1 (800) 597-5865.

For PSN related inquires and joining the stakeholder group, please see our page for Partners for Sustainable Nevada.