Partners for a Sustainable Nevada

For us, Home means a sustainable Nevada, where we can grow and prosper, while maintaining our natural resources for generations to come. Whether in the private or public sector, each of us has a role to play with advancing sustainability in our state. That is why the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Sustainable Materials Management has brought together stakeholders of various backgrounds to discuss sustainability issues and opportunities and find innovative solutions.  We are very excited about the work of this group, Partners for a Sustainable Nevada, and hope you are too.  

Addressing Sustainable Materials Management in Nevada Together

The Partners for a Sustainable Nevada brings together non-government organizations (NGOs) and governmental agencies to foster communication and collaboration, promote sustainability programs across the state, and guide stakeholders towards a common vision – to change the way Nevada thinks about sustainability for our future generations by identifying and promoting opportunities to advance and expand sustainability efforts statewide.

Menu of Options

During the formation of this group, interested members were surveyed to identify common topics of interest regarding sustainability. This led to the formation of six working groups: Source Reduction, Organics Management, Education and Outreach, Recycling, Policy Change and Funding, and Sustainability. These groups worked together to publish a document in March 2022 called the Menu of Options which outlines options to improve sustainability throughout the State.

Menu of Options

Watch the Menu of Options Announcement Video to learn more about this document and how it will be used in the future.

Current Projects

16 projects were selected from the Menu of Options, and the six working were combined into three committees to better represent the project ideas. 

Policy Change and Funding Committee

Chair: Tina Mudd, Granite Construction

Co-Chair: Susan Fisher, McDonald Carano 

  • Project 1 - Identify policies to improve recycling infrastructure and demand
  • Project 2 - Identify funding to focus on illegal dumping
  • Project 3 - Evaluate and streamline the current organics processing facilities
  • Project 4 - Create opportunities for organic material end use and market development
  • Project 5 - Comment on the NDEP Solid Waste Management Plan transition to a Sustainable Materials Management Plan
  • Project 6 - Build a pilot program to evaluate potential for multifamily recycling
  • Project 7 - Recommend a State of Nevada Sustainability Plan
  • Project 8 - Identify what sustainability programs are occurring and how can we emphasize and recreate the success

Sustainability Committee

Chair: Chris Lynch, UNR Business Environmental Program

Co-Chair: Noah Rotroff, Sierra Club

  • Project 1 - Decrease the amount of single use plastics by designing a public events outreach for large events
  • Project 2 - Create a hub and spoke plan and identify next steps
  • Project 3 - Collaborate with the 2020 Climate Action Plan staff and support
  • Project 4 - Develop a roadmap to a circular economy by engaging industry experts
  • Project 5 - Establish reliable organic material data collection methods
  • Project 6 - Address data knowledge gaps in Nevada by conducting a waste audit

Education and Outreach Committee


Co-Chair: Kimberly Rios, Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful

  • Project 1 - Recreate the Nevada Recycles website to a Sustainable Nevada website
  • Project 2 - Increase social media outreach once education topics are decided upon



To review past working group meetings, please visit our YouTube channel. Partners for a Sustainable Nevada - YouTube

Join Us

Not a member yet? If you would like to join the Partners for a Sustainable Nevada and receive email updates about upcoming meeting dates, please contact one of our Sustainable Materials Management Coordinators with the following information: your organization’s name, a little bit about your organization, and what projects you are interested in.

Kayla Alm
Sustainable Materials Management Coordinator - North
Bree Case
Sustainable Materials Management Coordinator - South