Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Nevada!

With Nevada’s population boom and an increase in waste being generated in the state, now is the time to place sustainability at the center of waste management and re-imagine landfills as a last resort. We need to focus on more preferred methods of waste and materials management, which include reducing waste generation, reusing items, and recycling or composting. Any item that is not feasibility reused, recycled, or composted becomes a loss of materials that could be used in another process. When materials are reused or recycled into new products, they often have fewer negative impacts on the environment compared to extracting raw materials to make new products.

To help conserve our resources and protect the environment, we need to think of ways to reduce our waste, reuse products and materials, and recycle or compost materials when feasible. 

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This is the waste management heirarchy, which shows the order of preference for reducing the impacts of materials and their associated waste streams.


While recycling and reusing materials are important actions, the most beneficial thing you can do to make an impact is to minimize the amount of waste that you produce in the first place. You can refuse to accept things like single-use plastics—such as bags, bottled water, utensils, straws, and coffee cups. Bring your own cloth bags, produce bags, sporks, water bottles, and reusable cups or mugs. Purchase items with the least amount of packaging. This is the best way to guarantee that your stuff isn't headed to the landfill. Learn more about reducing your waste.

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Before putting an item in the trash or recycling bin, consider if it can be reused by someone else or utilized for another purpose. For example, you can practice reuse by donating, selling, sharing, or gifting clothing, appliances, and other similar household items that are in good condition. Even think about borrowing an item from friends or family instead of buying a new version of the item – especially if it is an item that you do not use regularly.

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In 1991, Nevada passed legislation to incorporate a 25% recycling goal. This means that with everything we throw away, we want 25% of that material to be diverted away from the landfill. You can help Nevada achieve its recycling goal by recycling correctly. Always check with your local recycling company to see which materials can be placed in your recycling bin or brought to a recycling center. Putting non-recyclable items in your recycling bin could contaminate the recycling stream.

Learn what you can recycle 

Learn where you can recycle 

Recycling Hotline

NDEP operates a toll-free Recycling Hotline: 1 (800) 597-5865 to provide information on local recycling services by county for common materials — like paint, fluorescent light tubes, batteries — and more unusual recyclable items — like electronics, refrigerators, cars, and lawn and garden equipment.

State Recycling Report & Data

Interested to know more about Nevada’s recycling rate? Recycling rates are calculated with data provided annually by recycling centers and waste haulers to their respective counties, who then compile that data into reports that are submitted to NDEP. The “recycling rate” is the ratio of recycled municipal solid waste (MSW) to total MSW generated, which is comprised of recyclables, household waste, and commercially generated waste. Solid waste imported from other states is counted separately and is not part of the rate calculation.

Visit our Recycling Reports page.

Nevada Recycles Grant

Under NRS 444A.110, NDEP has the authority to provide grants to municipalities, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations to enhance solid waste management systems and promote solid waste recycling. In January 2018, NDEP was able to fund new grants for the first time since 2006. More information about the Nevada Recycles Grant funding opportunity will be forthcoming. Visit our Grants Page for more information. 

Nevada Recycling Statutes

The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) and Nevada Adminsitrative Code (NAC) are the statutes we follow to run Nevada Recycles.

NRS 444A.010 - 444A.110  Programs For Recycling

NRS 232.007   State Departments General Provisions- Recycling of paper required by state agencies

NAC 444A.005 - 444A.470  Programs for Recycling 

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