A variety of grants are available annually from private and governmental organizations to assist with recycling and waste reduction efforts. 

Nevada Recycling Grant Program

The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection's (NDEP) Recycling Grant Program has $50,000 in grant funding available for projects to increase recycling, public awareness of the importance of conserving natural resources and for the reduction, reuse and recycling of solid waste in Nevada. NDEP encourages action-oriented projects. The funding comes from the Solid Waste Management Account that receives $1.00 per tire for each retail tire sold in Nevada.

Please note: Funds are not available for the 2021 Nevada Recycling Grant cycle.


2020 funded projects:

The Carson City School District - Procure 10 each recycling centers that will be distributed to each of the Carson City schools. Collected items will be mixed recyclables in accordance with the Waste Management single stream recycling program as outlined in the Carson City franchise agreement. 

Liberty High School’s Environmental Awareness Club -  Create 3 each recycling centers throughout the high school. The establishment of these centers will complete the paper recycling infrastructure already present at the high school, educate the students about the importance of separating waste from recycling and establish a source for organic compost for their gardening projects. This project will also aid the Environmental Awareness Club in their goal to transform the high school into a “No Waste” facility by 2022.

greenUp! - Continuing on the success of the green dining districts pilot program (2019) the NDEP is funding phase 2 of the Green Dining District project. Goals for this cycle will include signing up an additional 10 restaurants that will take action to eliminate straw usage, discontinue use of Styrofoam containers, compost their food waste and practice energy saving measures at their establishments.

Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful - Enhance KTMB’s outreach and education programs to target the Spanish-speaking population of the Truckee Meadows through Multi-media messaging and outreach events.  Outreach will deployed through social media outlets, print, radio and other digital platforms to increase awareness about the need to recycle. This program will also promote the KTMB website, which is available in Spanish, that has additional information on how to recycle curbside as well as how to recycle specialty items.

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe - Support the procurement and instillation of a water bottle fill station at the Parks and Recreation Department’s tribal gym. Currently there is no source of potable water available for youth activities resulting in the large scale generation of single use plastic bottles. This project will fix the broken water system at the facility allowing for potable water to be available onsite and a decrease in the use of disposable containers.

Yerington High School - Continuing on the success of establishing a new recycling program, these funds will be used to further the efforts made by student leadership and faculty by procuring and deploying additional recycling collection stations to increase the recycling efforts. This grant cycle the high school will increase the volume of recycled paper and school supplies as well as expand collection efforts towards plastic recycling and metals recovery.


2019 funded projects:

City of Henderson Waste Warrior Green Box - Create an additional Waste Warriors Green Box for use in Henderson schools through the Desert Research Institute Science Alive program.

City of Ely Recycling Center - Enhance the City of Ely’s existing recycling center with six new signs to clearly instruct residents on where to recycle what materials and a steel awning to cover the existing cardboard storage area. The recycling drop-off is located at the entrance to the landfill, and impacts an estimated 4,062 households and 442 businesses in White Pine County.

GreenUP! Green Dining District - Pilot the launch of a Green Dining District in Carson City that will provide recycling guides to 30 restaurants in downtown Carson City and encourage them to take action to eliminate straw usage, discontinue use of Styrofoam containers, compost their food waste, and practice energy saving measures at their establishments.

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe - Purchase a vehicle to support the new recycling program throughout the reservation. The recycling program is the next step for the tribe’s Natural Resources Department’s Solid Waste Plan and would serve 617 households as well as those who use tribal land for recreational activities at Pyramid Lake and Burning Man. 

Sierra Nevada College - Purchase a bear-proof storage shed, compost turner, wheelbarrow, and shovel to create an on-campus composting system that will serve 1,500 students, faculty and the local community of Incline Village.  The compost made on campus will be used in the school’s demonstration garden and greenhouse, which grows organic food for the student base.

Yerington High School - Introduce and promote a recycling program in the high school, which currently has 430 students. Large bins and monthly advertising will be purchased, collection of recyclables will be implemented, followed by the materials being transported to a recycling plant through a partnership with Stanislaus Farm Supply.


2018 funded projects:

Town of Minden Buckeye Recycling Drop-Off Center - Creation and placement of a recycling drop-off location at the Town of Minden Public Works Facility located at 1330 Buckeye Road Minden, Nevada. The project will be used to help start a new program for the Town of Minden and surrounding residents.

City of Ely Recycling Center -  Extend the current steel awning over the recycling baler, making the baling process more efficient for Recycling Center personnel and protecting cardboard and paper from water damage.

Pershing County Big Meadow Recycling Center - Increase opportunities for local community residents to recycle solid waste recyclable products. This grant would be used to purchase painting supplies and labor to paint four buildings and provide signage for the recycling area.

Springs Preserve Special Event Recycling Project - Utilize color-coded recycling bins to encourage the recycling of paper, plastic and other items used at special events held at the Springs Preserve, and to experiment with labeling techniques to maximize results.  The grant proceeds will be used to purchase ten recycling stations, which would be placed at various locations throughout the venue.


Other Grant Funding Opportunities

Keep America Beautiful (KAB) Partnership Grants

The public space bin grant program is open to non-profit organizations, government agencies, schools and religious organizations. The collegiate bin grant program is open to degree granting colleges and universities. Check KAB's website for additional community improvement grants. 

USDA Solid Waste Management Grants

The purpose of this program is to make grants to public bodies and private non-profit organizations providing technical assistance and training to reduce or eliminate pollution of water resources and improve planning and management of solid waste sites. This assistance is available in rural areas and towns with a population of 10,000 or less. 

EPA Region 9 Wetland Program Development Grants

Wetland Program Development Grants (WPDGs) provide eligible applicants an opportunity to conduct and promote the coordination and acceleration of research, investigations, experiments, training, demonstrations, surveys, and studies relating to the causes, effects, extent, prevention, reduction, and elimination of water pollution. 

EPA Pollution Prevention Grants 

The P2 grant program funds grants/cooperative agreements that implement pollution prevention, technical assistance services, and/or training for businesses and support projects that utilize pollution prevention techniques to reduce and/or eliminate pollution from air, water and/or land.