Nevada Recycles Poster Contest winners announced!

In celebration of America Recycles Day on November 15th, all of Nevada’s K-12 students were invited to showcase their artistic talent and their commitment to recycling by participating in the 2021 Nevada Recycles Poster Contest.

To help us spread the word on how to recycle properly, students created posters around the theme “Empty, Clean, and Dry” – the three basic guidelines to follow before placing a recyclable material in your bin.

We received many great entries and want to thank everyone who participated in this year’s contest. Entries were judged based on originality, visual clarity, clear messaging, and adherence to the theme. The winners are:


1st Place: Minori Y., Las Vegas

2nd Place: Leonardo R., Las Vegas


1st Place: Jaxon B., Las Vegas

2nd Place: Chloe J., Las Vegas


1st Place: Kaia L., Las Vegas

2nd Place: America M., Las Vegas


1st Place: Clark Youth Climate Action Coalition, Las Vegas

2nd Place: Cara L., Las Vegas


First place winners were awarded $50 for themselves and $100 for their classroom. All finalists' works will be used in Nevada Recycles outreach for America Recycles Day and other recycling campiagns. Look for the winning posters on RTC Southern Nevada transit buses from November through the end of January and view all entries on the Nevada Recycles flickr page.

And remember to always recycle correctly by following the “empty, clean, and dry” rule!

Questions about recycling in Nevada? Call the Nevada Recycles Hotline at 1 (800) 597-5865 or visit your hauler’s website!