Five ways to celebrate Plastic Free July

This July, Nevada Recycles wants YOU to be part of the solution to plastic pollution, so we can have cleaner streets, waterways, and communities in the beautiful State of Nevada.

#1) Sign up for the Plastic Free July Challenge

Sign up for the Plastic Free July Challenge and join millions of people around the world in refusing single-use plastics during July. Once you sign up for the challenge, you can start by taking a short quiz to help track trends in common household plastic use and see how much you actually use day to day.

Visit the Plastic Free July website to find resources and ideas for ways to reduce the use of plastic at home, school, and work. Then, take the challenge and start working towards a plastic-free life!


#2) Start with one plastic switch

The thought of ending all plastic use can be very daunting, so start with one common plastic product and make the switch! Swapping even one plastic product can make a big difference in our contribution to plastic pollution and in our mindset on plastic use. Yes, plastics can be useful, but glass, wood, and metal products can more readily be made into new products at the end of their product life. Once you get the hang of one swap, you’ll see how easy it can be to incorporate others!

Here are some great places in Nevada to find plastic free, reusable, and bulk household products:

Black Rock Refill – Online/Reno

Minimal Market – Online/Las Vegas

Great Basin Community Food Co-op – Reno 

Sprouts Farmer’s Market – Sparks, Reno, Henderson, Las Vegas 

Whole Foods – Reno, Las Vegas, Henderson


#3) Master the basics of single-use plastics

We all have the power to eliminate the use of of single-use plastics. Imagine the impact it could have on reducing plastic pollution if these simple and easy swaps were practiced worldwide. Make sure to keep your reusable water bottle, grocery bags, and utensils with you when you're out and about, as these are the easiest ways to reduce plastic use.


#4) Learn more about the problem with plastics

One of the best ways to get motivated to go plastic free is to learn more about the issues behind plastic use. We hear a lot about plastic pollution in the ocean, which is still a huge problem, but we also have plastic pollution right in our backyards. Check out the organizations below doing work in combating local plastic pollution.

Sierra Club

Toiyabe Chapter Plastic Free July Campaign

Desert Research Institute

DRI Microplastics Laboratory 

Exploring Microplastics at Home 

Seven Evidence-Based Solutions 

Microplastics 101: A Conversation With the Experts 

Tahoe Environmental Research Center (UC Davis)

Microplastics Research

Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful

Are you ready for Plastic Free July?

Clean Up The Lake

Report trash around Lake Tahoe

U.S. Geological Survey

Microplastics in Lake Mead


#5) Spread the word about plastics

Want to know one of the most effective ways to combat plastic pollution? Spreading the word about it! Engage three other people in a conversation about reducing plastic use this week. Share the resources that have helped you the most and your experience with going plastic free; and be sure to ask them about theirs! Post about taking the Plastic Free July challenge or start a meetup group and keep the movement going.


Let's end plastic pollution together!