School Programs

If you want grown-ups to recycle, just tell their kids the importance of recycling, and they'll be all over it. - Bill Nye

Carson City School District

The Carson City School District is heavily involved with recycling and sustainability efforts!  Nine of the ten schools have been EnergyStar certified, a Sustainability Action Team has been created, and recycling bins will be available to use at school sites beginning in Summer 2019!  Contact Mark Korinek, C.P.M. Director of Operations via email at MKorinek [at] for more information.  

Clark County School District

scholarship is offered for Clark County high school seniors who have positively impacted the environment.  In addition, a classroom grant is available for all Clark County schools that want to implement greener practices in their classrooms. 

Lyon County School District

Yerington High School received a recycling grant in 2019 from NDEP to start recycling paper in their school!   

Washoe County School District

Washoe County School District implemented a Conservation and Sustainability Policy (7400) to actively participate in recycling.  

Are you involved in a recycling or sustainability project at your school?  If so, let us know!  We love spotlighting the amazing work that Nevada teachers are doing in their classrooms! 

Reduce and Reuse Tips

  • Put "These Come From Trees" stickers on paper towel dispensers, printers, and copiers
  • Make double sided copies the default mode on printers and copiers 
  • Use scrap paper for notes
  • Use reusable envelopes for interoffice mail 
  • Switch to reusable materials in the cafeteria - replace juice boxes, cans, and bottles with reusable bottles 
  • Encourage students who bring their lunch to pack it in a reusable bag and use other reusable containers
  • Implement an Offer vs. Serve program in the cafeteria in order to reduce food waste
  • On a locker clean-out day, have a donation table for usable items that students would otherwise discard

Not all recyclable materials are collected by your local waste hauler. Nonetheless, additional materials can be recycled. Check out programs like TerraCycle to reduce your school's waste stream even more!  Trex is another company that sponsors local recycling programs in universities and communities throughout the country. If your team can collect more than 500 pounds of plastic refuse in a six-month span (about 40,500 plastic bags), they will donate a high-performance composite bench to your school or community.