Sustainability Action Across Nevada

In addition to state-led plans and initiatives, multiple cities and counties across Nevada have been developing and implementing sustainability plans, climate plans, and other sustainability initiatives. Below is a list of such efforts:

Clark County Sustainability & Climate Action Plan

In February 2021, Clark County adopted its first-ever Sustainability and Climate Action Plan. As a comprehensive roadmap, this plan focuses on increasing the sustainability of the County’s internal operations and represents the first step in what will be a multi-phased, multi-year effort.

Carson City- Sustainability: What is Carson City Doing?

Carson City is sprearheading sustainability projects, policies, and initiatives. Learn more here.  

City of Reno Sustainability & Climate Action Plan

The 2019-2025 Sustainability and Climate Action Plan is the result of Reno’s commitment to develop, adopt, and implement ambitious and measurable actions to reduce climate pollution. The Plan’s goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 28% from 2008 levels by 2025 and by 40% by 2030.

City of Henderson - Sustainability Report Card

The City of Henderson is spearheading sustainability projects, policies, and initiatives. See the City's sustainability report card

Incline Village General Improvement District - Sustainability Report

IVGID produces a sustainability report that focuses on its sustainability performance as it pertains to IVGID Administration and Public Works.

Nevada 2020 Climate Strategy

The overarching goals of the 2020 Climate Strategy are to 1) provide a framework for reducing Nevada’s greenhouse gas emissions across all economic sectors, 2) lay the groundwork for climate adaptation and resilience, and 3) establish a structure for continued, ongoing climate action across the state. 

Nevada Sustainable Materials Management Plan

The Nevada Sustainable Materials Management Plan's broad vision involves rethinking the landfill as the “go-to” end-of-life management option for products and materials. Instead, as its name suggests, this Plan promotes a sustainable materials management (SMM) approach as the more environmentally sound way to reduce and manage waste streams. SMM is a systemic approach that seeks to use and reuse materials and products more productively over their entire lifecycles from extraction to disposal.

Las Vegas 2050 Master Plan

This Master Plan discusses sustainability topics such as food waste, access to healthy food, environmental justice, greenhouse gas emissions, recycling, and waste reduction.