Grassroots Books is hosting a Kids Book Giveaway through September!

Grassroots Books is on a mission to increase literacy, empathy, competence, and confidence by making sure that all kids within 50 miles have a home library of at least 50 books they like. 

According to a study led by Mariah Evans, UNR associate professor: home libraries help kids succeed. “We see it every day! Kids who read for pleasure are good writers. Over time, we believe this investment in local kids will dramatically reduce poverty,“ says Zoe Miller, founder and owner of Grassroots Books. 

Up to 50 Local kids per day can sign up for a free ticket through September 2021. Kids ages 2-8 can choose up to 50 books from the 25 cent tables. Everyone who accompanies a kid with a ticket also gets to select one free book from the Outside Sale. Go to the Grassroots Books website for more information and to sign up. Grassroots is located at 660 E. Grove Street in Reno. 

This event is made possible because community members donate used books and gives Grassroots Books a great deal on used children’s books.  

Contribute to a circular economy by donating and purchasing used books. Let’s keep books in kids hands and out of landfills!