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About Project WET

Advancing water education to understand global challenges and inspire local solutions



Project WET (Water Education Today) is an interdisciplinary water education program designed to supplement K-12 curriculum by integrating water education into any subject in the classroom. Since 1984, Project WET, an award-winning 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has dedicated itself to the mission of reaching children, parents, teachers and community members of the world with water education.

The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection's, Bureau of Water Quality Planning is the host institution and state coordinators of Project WET for Nevada  

Our Goals

  • Support teachers and educators conducting watershed and environmental education with curriculum resources that meet Nevada State education standards
  • Provide up to date Project WET resources, activities, and curriculum to help educators and facilitator achieve their goals
  • Develop a state wide network of Facilitators who conduct Project WET trainings for teachers and educators
  • Create a network of educators and expert professionals across the state for supporting Project WET workshops and trainings

Project WET and NDEP share core beliefs:

  • Water connects us all: Water moves through living and nonliving systems and binds them together in a complex web of life.
  • Water for all water users: Water of sufficient quality and quantity is vital for all water users (energy producers, farmers and ranchers, fish and wildlife, manufacturers, recreationist, rural and urban dwellers).
  • Managing water sustainably: Water resources management is crucial for providing tomorrow’s children with social and economic stability in a healthy and sustainable environment.
  • Personal responsibility for water resources: Awareness of and respect for water resources can encourage a personal, lifelong commitment of responsibility and positive community participation.

In 1991, the Division of Water Planning and the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension brought Project WET to Nevada.  In June 2001, the Division of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Water Quality Planning, took the helm for coordinating Project WET. Project WET Nevada provides workshops throughout the State for educators conducted my one of many partner facilitators, providing educators with tools needed to teach their students about watershed science and water issues in Nevada

WET Educators

What is a WET Educator?

Project WET's mission is to bring water education to the world, and our educators make it happen! By becoming a WET educator, you receive the tools, training, and resources to incorporate water education into your curriculum or education program. WET educators can be formal or non-formal, with students anywhere from pre-k to high school.

How do I become a WET Educator?

If you are interested in conducting Project WET curriculum to your students you first must attend an official Project WET training to become certified as a Project WET educator.  Do not worry, it is not that hard!  This is achieved by attending a Project WET Educator Workshop from one of Nevada's Project WET Facilitators.  During an Educator Workshop participants are given a variety of tools and teaching materials to bring to the classroom. Curriculum materials include an introduction to water in Nevada, highlighting surface water and groundwater resources, simple hydrology, water uses, Nevada water law, water issues in the State, and pollution prevention.  You will also receive a Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0 and tons of additional water education resources and long ongoing support from your facilitator and state coordinator.

Project WET Guide 2.0 Nevada

Receive this guide after attending a WET Educator workshop.  The Project WET Guide 2.0 can also be purchased.  To gain more information about the material in this guide click on the image to the left.

 Interested in an online Educator Workshop during Covid?  Please contact NDEP's State Coordinator

If you are interested in attending a Project WET Educator training, you can search for workshops or a Facilitator in your area or contact Nevada's Project WET State Coordinator:   

Nevada WET Facilitators

What is a Project WET Facilitator?

Project WET Faciliators lead, develop, and conduct workshop and trainings for educators.  A Facilitators must complete up to 12 hours of extensive Project WET training and pledge to hold at least one Educator Workshop a year.  Facilitators are a critical partner and collaborator for Nevada to achieve the Project WET mission goals.  The Facilitating organization or individual will work closely with the State Coordinator and will enhanced resources, tools, and trainings for conducting successful workshop.  In addition, it is encourage that Facilitators custom the curriculum of their workshop to reflect their local watershed and water issues, and meet the needs for their local educators.

Find a Workshop Facilitator Near You

Northern Nevada

Great Basin Outdoor School, Reno

Sierra Nevada Journeys, NV & CA

Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful, Reno

River Wrangles, Carson Valley

Southern Nevada

Get Out Doors Nevada, Las Vegas

Southern Nevada Water Authority/Springs Preserve, Las Vegas

Upcoming Trainings

Watershed and Evironmental Education Trainings for teachers and educators are conducted by a multiple organizations throuhgout the state.  Earn Professoinal Development credits from the workshops listed below.  

  • Feburary 7th and 8th, Virtual Training - Hosted by Get Outdoors Nevada.  Registration 

Check this page periodically for future training dates or contact Chuck Schembre.     

If you would like to take an online Project WET training you are in luck.  We are now offering a standardized online training you can complete working with the State Coordinator, Charles Schembre.  Contact information below


          Chuck Schembre    cschembre [at]     775.687.9461


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Spring 2021

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