State Handbook of Best Management Practices Update Project

Bureau of Water Quality Planning staff have initiated a project to update the 1994 State Handbook of Best Management Practices. 

Several tasks have been completed to date towards updating the Handbook:

  • Preparation of a Handbook Update Gantt Chart Project Planner
    • Scheduled tasks forecast completion of the updated handbook in the spring of 2023.  
  • Introduction of the project to the State Conservation Commission
  • Introduction of the project to the State Environmental Commission
  • Hosting of a Project Scoping Meeting open to prospective project stakeholders
  • Invitation to Stakeholders to form a project Technical Advisory Group

Upcoming Tasks:

  • Preparation of updated Best Management Practice individual descriptions and/or guidance to BMP resources
  • Advisory and Stakeholder consultation on initial handbook drafts 

Project tasks and the flow of work are represented in the diagram below:

BMP Handbook Workflow














For project information, please contact Project Staff:

  • Chuck Schembre via email:
  • Jon Paul Kiel via email:

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