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 Minden-Gardnerville Sanitation District Cogeneration Project

Minden NV -- View Google Map The Towns of Minden and Gardnerville are located adjacent to one another in Douglas County, Nevada.

This project is for the construction of a 10,000-gallon grease receiving tank and associated piping to facilitate the processing of restaurant grease at the Minden Gardnerville Sanitation District wastewater treatment plant. This project will allow the plant to process the grease into its new anaerobic sludge digester and generate more gas for heating of the digesters and for heating of the plant buildings. Another component of this project is the installation of a 200-KW cogeneration system. This system will use the excess gas byproduct from the grease digestion in the digester to generate electricity for the plant. This project qualifies as a green reserve project under the EPA category for green. It will reduce the quantity of grease that is presently being wasted at area landfills and provide a green energy fuel source.

There are no specific activities to construct this project that would constitute an environmental disturbance outside of the existing footprint of the wastewater treatment facility.

A total of $1,250,000 was provided in SRF ARRA loan for this project.


Tracking of funds for projects funded through the Clean Water SRF ARRA program is available on the NDEP Recovery Home page under the pdf file "Current List of Funded Projects."

The Nevada State A.R.R.A. Director, Charles Harvey, made a site visit to the treatment plant in March 2010 to discuss the project and meet with the individuals who will be involved.

The project broke ground at the beginning of June 2010. An initial site inspection for this project was conducted June 17, 2010. The project is on schedule and should be completed by the end of summer. Elements that have been completed to-date include the installation of all the underground piping for the grease receiving station and the precast vaults. The foundation pad for the 10,000-gallon grease tank has also been completed.

A project site inpection was conducted on July 8, 2010. The masonry structure for the transfer pumps is now complete and work on the pad for the cogenerator is in progress.

A project site inspection was conducted on August 17, 2010, and the project remains on-schedule. The pad for the cogenerator has been completed. A spare digester pump has been installed for the grease processing digester. The general contractor is awaiting completion and delivery of the cogenerator and the grease storage tank. The cogenerator is receiving new control modifications in Lyon County.

A project site inspection was conducted on November 15, 2010. Project is nearly completed. Heat taping of exposed piping is being performed to protect the gas piping from freezing. Controls for the station will be linked to the District's SCADA system which will automate operations.

The new system went into operation in late March 2011 and has already resulted in a significant electricity cost savings for MGSD. Gas is generated from the anaerobic digestion of brown grease that is supplied from area restaurants. The new facilities at MGSD accommodate the reuse of restaurant grease that previously was shipped to the Lockwood landfill. The grease is uniformly fed to the high capacity digester via a 10,000 gallon mixing tank.

Over 80,000 cubic feet per day of natural gas that is created in the digester is then used as a fuel source for the new 200 Kw generator. The electricity generated meets up to 80% of the power needs for the wastewater treatment plant which serves the Minden-Gardnerville area. Through savings in electricity costs, the project will pay for itself in about five years.

The MGSD wastewater treatment plant's grease digestion and cogeneration system was given this year's EPA award for innovative use of State Revolving Loan Funds. To see photos from this presentation, click --> here

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Minden Gardnerville Sanitation District Wastewater Treatment Plant Minden Gardnerville Sanitation District Wastewater Treatment Plant Minden Gardnerville Sanitation District Wastewater Treatment Plant Frank Johnson, Plant Superintendent, explains the planned treatment plant modifications to Charles Harvey, the Nevada State A.R.R.A. Director The new grease receiving station will be located here Receiving station foundation work Preparation for the new cogeneration unit New facility slide gate - made in the USA New redundant digester pump (made in Washington State) Grease offloading station - tank to be installed on back pad Grease feed pump to digester Piping for spare digester pump

Insulated 10,000 gallon grease tank is installed Digester Gas Polishing Unit installed at rear of digester. This unit is designed to remove siloxane from the digester gas prior to flow to the cogenerator unit. Without this unit filtering the siloxanes, the downstream components would become clogged with silicate.

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