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PCE — Perchloroethylene Releases - Nevada

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This website presents information about programs and initiatives being implemented by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) to address management, education and remediation of PCE contamination in Nevada. PCE or Perchloroethylene (also known as Tetrachloroethylene, Tetrachloroethene, PERC or PCE) is a synthetic chemical that is widely used for dry cleaning of fabrics and for metal-degreasing operations. PCE has relatively low solubility in water and has medium-to-high mobility in soil. It tends to volatilize (evaporate) from surface environments; however, it may persist in subsurface soil and groundwater for months or years, depending on subsurface conditions.

Sites contaminated with PCE are found in virtually every major city and state within the U.S. The Las Vegas Valley and the Reno metro area are no different. Fortunately, the geology and hydrology in the Las Vegas Valley largely restrict PCE contamination to the shallow groundwater, which is not used as a water supply source due to its naturally poor quality (high salt content). NDEP is currently investigating 28 sites in the Las Vegas Valley where PCE has been found in soil and/or shallow groundwater.

In the Reno metro area a remediation district has been established to address PCE groundwater contamination. The district, know as the Central Truckee Meadows Remediation District (CTMRD), was established by Legislative statute [NRS 540A.250]; the statute authorizes county commissions to form remediation districts to address water quality issues such as PCE contamination.

In Washoe County [Reno metro area] the Washoe County Department of Water Resources is managing the CTMRD with technical assistance provided through an advisory committee. NDEP and other affected entities are participating in the advisory committee process.

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