Hawthorne Army Depot

Installation Restoration Program
Hawthorne, Nevada


HWAAP-A07 are waste piles at the Naval Inshore Operations Training Center Firing Range located west of Highway 95 between the Marine Rifle Range NAVAL INSHORE OPERATIONS TRAINING CENTER FIRING RANGEand Police Pistol Range. The site covers approximately 50 acres and has existing pits that were used as disposal sites. Only a small portion of the site remains active. The site was infrequently used for about 35 years, since the 1960's. The waste piles consist of metal ammunition cans, inert 3.5 inch rockets, fuse cans and similar debris resulting from Navy training. The pile consists of approximately 300 cubic yards of debris. Hazardous waste was not buried at this location, however, reactive unexploded ordnance are present. Flash floods are common in this area during heavy rainfall events and gully erosion exposes the solid waste and unexploded ordnance. Reconnaissance surveys and sweeps have been performed at the site. In 1994, an Army evaluation team visited the site to determine if the unexploded ordnance at the site pose an imminent hazard. As result of the evaluation, an imminent threat to human safety was determined. Semiannual sweeps are conducted for unexploded ordnance.

Any future action at this site will be managed under the Range Rule. Because of the potential risk of unexploded ordnance at the site, intrusive investigation is not recommended. Semiannual sweeps for unexploded ordnance will continue. The area will be fenced off.



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