Photos From Mt. Grant

Hawthorne Army Depot & Surrounding Area

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   Both of these photos were taken from Mt. Grant.  The photo on the left is a view looking south towards Boundary Peak in the Toyiabe and Inyo National Forests.  The Photo on the right shows the southern tip of Walker Lake, which is directly adjacent to the Hawthorne Army Depot.

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   The photo on the left shows Walker Lake and the eastern slope of the Wassuk Mountains.  Highway U.S. 95 (Reno to Las Vegas) follows the shoreline next to the mountains.   The photo on the right is another view of the southern tip of Walker Lake -- note the Army Depot's water storage reservoir in the foreground.

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   Taken from the top of Mt. Grant, these photos show similar views of the Hawthorne Army Depot and the community of Hawthorne NV.   The Army Depot is shown on the left (foreground) and is only a few miles north of Hawthorne Nevada.