This website consolidates information about environmental educational programs offered by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection and it's bureaus. If you would like to know more about education events and activities, visit our events calender

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9th Annual Carson River Snapshot Day - October 17th, 9:00 - noon. Click here for announcement.
Event webpage:

Upcoming water education workshops:

Water Education Workshops offered through the Professional Development Education Office (PDE), Clark County School District.
To register for workshops offered through the PDE office, contact the PDE directly: 702-799-1921

  1. 10/18/14 - Discover a Watershed: Colorado River at Clark County Wetlands Park. 8:00 - 4:30p.m., 1/2 PDE

  2. 11/15/14 - PWET Workshop at Clark County Wetlands Park, & 12/6/14 - at Lake Mead NRA. 8:00 - 4:30p.m. each day, 1 PDE

For information on Water Education Workshops in Southern Nevada, contact:
Amanda J.D. Rowland, Education & Outreach Specialist
Lake Mead National Recreation Area


Enviro-News — The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) is pleased to present our Spring edition of Enviro-News! A news publication For School and Community Educators. Our newsletter highlights and promotes our commitment to recycling practices, watershed education, and environmental stewardship that is occurring in the great state of Nevada.

Spring 2014 — This issue of NDEP's Enviro-News!

What's Inside the Newsletter
  • What exactly is a Watershed?
  • Watershed Connections - DCRVirginia
  • Stewards From The Past
  • Business Opportunity to Shine
  • Educators Receive Presidential Award for Excellence
  • Boosting recycling efforts in Clark County Schools
  • Guest Column – Nicolle Wambold
  • GREENevada
  • Upcoming Events

Download the Newsletter Here

Interactive Tool: The Scale of the Universe. Cary Huang, with technical support from his brother Michael Huang, developed this interactive "Scale of the Universe", in which you navigate across planets and microscopic objects with a simple movement of the mouse.

December, 2010 — Thirst - an informative slide show [63 slides - 1.6MB ]

[Reno] City garden cuts pollutants to the river — Non-point source pollution runoff from urbanized areas has been proven to degrade water quality in receiving waters. The McKinley Arts Center is a highly visible park and community center for Reno residents. This Low-Impact Development (LID) demonstration project in partnership with NDEP, City of Reno, and the Truckee River Fund constructed rain gardens and plan to demonstrate proper use of permeable concrete in the parking area. Watch the video

In addition to the educational resources noted above, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has numerous programs that work together to protect Nevada's air, land, and water resources. These programs are unique and offer a wide variety of educational opportunities.

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