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About This Website — This website provides information about environmental concerns due to historic, current and proposed mining activity in the Comstock Mining District, located in the area of Virginia City, Gold Hill and Silver City, Nevada.

The website also contains information about the Carson River Mercury Superfund Site (CRMS) and its relationship to gold and silver mining within the historic district. And it further contains information about past and present environmental permitting activities associated with Comstock Mining, Inc.

  • Application for a Class I Air Quality Operating Permit to Construct (OPTC) AP1041-2761 (FIN A0404) — Billie the Kid Mine
    • Notice of Proposed Action [PDF 12/20/11]
    • Notice of Public Hearing [PDF 01/26/12]
    • Comstock Mining Inc. is proposeing to construct equipment that will support mining activities at the property formerly known as Billie the Kid/Hartford Hill Project Mine. As such, the following equipment and processes are included in the air permit: Ore crushing and conveyance equipment, lime silos, melt furnace, retort, diesel generators, and a gasoline storage and dispensing tank.
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