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  Temperature Water Quality Standards Review - The Bureau of Water Quality Planning of the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) has embarked on an effort to review and update our temperature water quality standards for the protection of aquatic life in Nevada waters. Nevada’s current temperature criteria are not well documented and we need scientifically supported guidance as NDEP reviews temperature standards throughout the state.


2014 Water Quality Integrated Report 303(d)

Assessed Waters
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Fact Sheets, Special Studies and Reports

Triennial Water Quality Standards Review

Nevada Quality Assurance Program Plan for Surface Water Sampling

Water Quality Trend Analyses for Selected Nevada Streams, June 2016

The Water Quality Standards Branch is responsible for developing and reviewing surface water quality standards, administering the total maximum daily load (TMDL) Program, and generating the Nevada Water Quality Integrated Report.

A water quality standard (WQS) defines the water quality goals for a water body, or portion thereof, by designating the beneficial uses of the water, setting criteria necessary to protect the uses, and protecting water quality through antidegradation provisions.

Nevada’s WQS are promulgated in Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 445A.11704 through 445A.2234.

Total maximum daily loads or TMDLs are an assessment of the amount of pollutant a waterbody can receive and not violate water quality standards.

Nevada is required by the CWA, sections 303d and 305b, to conduct a comprehensive analysis of water quality data associated with Nevada's surface waters to determine whether state surface water quality standards are being met and designated uses are being supported.

Branch Supervisor Ph: (775) 687-9449

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