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Click to Enlarge Best Management Practices (BMPs) are utilized to control water pollution. BMPs either manage pollutant sources or treat waters that have become polluted. Source control and treatment BMPs limit the amount of pollutants that otherwise would enter a receiving water due to land development or other disturbances.

BMPs are typically designed and developed on a site-specific basis by qualified professionals. However, home owners and project implementors may be able to employ more simple BMPs that can measurably reduce the impact of NPS pollution. A BMP can be as uncomplicated as a rain gutter downspout directed to a rain barrel, or as complex as a roadway runoff treatment filter costing thousands of dollars.

The Bureau of Water Quality Planning is responsible for developing and updating the state Best Management Practices Handbook. Last updated in 1994, this handbook’s utility has been eclipsed by other sources of information that describe contemporary BMPs with greater effectiveness and cost benefit. For this reason, persons needing a BMP consult should not rely on the 1994 Handbook alone. For reference, additional links to various BMP documents may be found below.

  Best Management Practices (BMP) Handbooks and Other BMP References

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