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About NDEP's Circuit Rider Program — The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) Circuit Rider Program provides technical assistance to Nevada communities that need assistance with their wastewater treatment facilities or stormwater programs. The Circuit Rider Program originally started as a national program that was funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The State of Nevada continued funding for the Circuit Rider Program after Federal funding ended in 2009. NDEP has participated in this program for over 25 years.

Historically, the Circuit Rider Program provided wastewater treatment assistance that included operation and maintenance guidelines, permit compliance items, budget preparation, and treatment facility assessments. In 2013, the Circuit Rider Program expanded to include a stormwater component that will provide assistance to rural communities who want more information concerning stormwater discharges and how to improve water quality from stormwater discharges. Numerous communities across the state continue to benefit from this program's assistance.

Circuit Rider Wastewater Treatments Systems
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The Wastewater Treatment Plant Circuit Rider Program — NDEP's Wastewater Treatment Plant Circuit Rider Program was initially implemented to provide technical assistance at community wastewater treatment plants with discharges less than 5 million gallons per day (MGD). The Circuit Rider Program provides direct on-site training, operation and maintenance assistance for wastewater treatment operators, and guidance to town boards about the best way to operate and manage their wastewater treatment facilities.

The Wastewater Treatment Circuit Rider provides technical assistance that focuses on issues such as wastewater treatment capacity, operations training, maintenance, administrative and financial management, troubleshooting, and laboratory operations. The Circuit Rider also helps existing facilities identify needed repairs and how to meet existing or future discharge permit requirements.

The Circuit Rider recommends ways to improve preventative maintenance of equipment and structures and suggests steps to reduce energy and chemical costs through more efficient operations. NDEP engineers periodically accompany the Circuit Riders during their field visits and also attend all of the required board meetings to discuss the Circuit Riders' findings from the field visits.

Download 2012 Circuit Riders Annual Report [PDF - 18 Pages]

Kirk Peterson
Northern Circuit Rider

Bill Shepard
Southern Circuit Rider

The Wastewater Treatment Circuit Riders for 2013-15 are Kirk Peterson and Bill Shepard. Kirk is the owner of SPB Utility Services (SPB), an independent contractor based in Reno. He has a Grade V Certificate for Wastewater Treatment and has been Nevada's Wastewater Treatment Plant Circuit Rider since the beginning of the program. Kirk has been in the wastewater treatment field since 1969 and has extensive experience throughout Nevada with different types of wastewater treatment technologies and effluent disposal methods. He will cover northern Nevada as the northern Circuit Rider.

Bill Shepard also has a Grade V Wastewater Treatment Certificate and has worked in the Wastewater Treatment field for over 25 years. He is now part of the team at Broadbent, an international consulting firm with local offices in Reno and Las Vegas. Previously, he worked as the operations manager for the Clark County Water Reclamation District in Las Vegas for 10 years.

Wastewater Treatment Circuit Rider Training — The Wastewater Treatment Circuit Riders will provide training to wastewater treatment plant operators at one of the local wastewater treatment plants near Reno or Las Vegas. Small groups of operators will learn about the different methods of wastewater treatment. The goal of the training is for the operators to return home with new knowledge to improve their wastewater treatment operations, which could help their community see improved water quality, a more efficient treatment plant and reduced operating costs. The Circuit Riders, in association with the Nevada Water Environment Association (NWEA), also conduct classroom training at the annual spring and fall NWEA conferences.

The Stormwater Circuit Rider Program — This is a new program starting in 2013. The goal of the Stormwater Circuit Rider will be to assist communities in developing stormwater programs that will improve water quality from stormwater discharges. Stormwater contributes large amounts of sediment and pollutants to Nevada's water bodies, contributing to water quality degradation. Reducing the amount of pollutants and sediment in stormwater discharges will improve water quality in Nevada's streams, rivers and lakes so Nevada's citizens can enjoy the water bodies for beneficial uses such as recreation, drinking water supply and irrigation.

The Stormwater Circuit Rider is a team of engineers and scientists from Resource Concepts, Inc. in Carson City. They will provide information to communities about stormwater discharges from different sources, such as construction and industrial sites and the streets and roads in the community, and how they can impair water quality in nearby water bodies. The Circuit Rider will inform the communities of the Best Management Practices (BMPs) that can be used to improve water quality from stormwater discharges. These BMPs may include public education, erosion and sediment controls, street sweeping, and illicit discharge detection and elimination programs.

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