Background — Bango Oil is a recycling facility that re-refines non-hazardous, used lubrication oil (e.g., used motor oil) into a saleable resource (e.g., lubrication oil). The facility has been issued a permit from Churchill County (special use permit) to produce up to 22,000 gallons per day (gpd) of finished oil product.

Bango Oil has constructed an on-site oil-removal treatment system to treat its process wastewater with the intent of recycling as much of the effluent as possible internally (water conservation) for process makeup supply including production pad washing, cooling tower makeup and fire system storage.

To discharge any surplus treated effluent beyond process needs and storage capability, the facility has applied and received a permit from the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection's Bureau of Water Pollution Control (BWPC). The permit is a five-year water pollution control discharge permit. This webpage provides information about the BWPC permitting process.

The BWPC permit will allow the surplus effluent to be discharged on-site for dust control (water truck application) and ornamental landscape (drip) irrigation. A truck fill stand will be part of the facility's reuse program for future water truck demand upon approval by the Division for any off-site application of the treated effluent. View Site Location

Question & Answers

Q: How will the comments made at the public hearing held Dec. 2 in Fallon factor into NDEP's decision about whether or not to issue Encore Energy Inc. (Bango Oil) a water pollution control discharge permit?

A: All comments were recorded and will be answered individually. Each comment related to this permit will be taken into consideration by NDEP staff during the permit process. Answers to the comments are expected to be posted on this web site.

Q: Will this treated effluent be harmful to residents?

A: No, NDEPís mission is always to preserve and enhance the environment of the state in order to protect public health. †

Q: What oversight will NDEP have over Encore Energy to ensure the company is adhering to its permit requirements?

A: Yes, NDEP will inspect the site and staff will make site vistis at which time samples will be taken to test the effluent as necessary. Any permit violations will be dealt with immediately.

Q: What types of monitoring will be put in place to ensure the groundwater will not be affected when the company applies effluent to the ground for dust control?

A: NDEP will require Encore Energy to install a monitoring well in the groundwater on site to act as an early warning system.

Q: When will NDEP make its final decision on the permit?

A: NDEP has made a tentative determination to issue the proposed discharge permit for a period of five (5) years. A final decision is expected in the next few months.

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