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The Nevada Revised Statute NRS 444.630 prohibits the dumping of any solid waste, including junk vehicles, garbage, rubbish, construction/demolition debris, yard debris or other refuse at any place other than at a facility designated for such purpose.

PENALTIES - Unauthorized dumping is a misdemeanor subject to criminal & civil penalties, community service sentences and revocation of business licenses.

ENFORCEMENT - Any health officer, game warden, police officer, sheriff's deputy, other peace officer or other person specifically designated by the local government may issue citations for violations of NRS 444.630.

REWARD - The solid waste management authority shall offer a reward of $100 for information leading to the conviction of any person violating NRS 444.630. (NRS 444.640)


Report violators to the local enforcement authority, local sheriff, or police department. The local Sheriff and Police Department, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and the local County health districts routinely conduct surveillance operations for illegal dumping activities.

To report an illegal dumping in progress, contact:
    Reno and unincorporated areas   775-334-2121
    Sparks   775-353-2231
    All other areas, report illegal dumping to your local public safety dispatch.

To provide information on the location of an illegal dumpsite, contact:
    Washoe County   775-328-2434
    All other areas, report illegal dumpsites to your local public safety dispatch.

Available Signs for Download— The signs are available in Acrobat .pdf format or in MSWord. The MSWord version will allow placement of your agency logo in the lower left hand corner. The 8.5x11 color sign is for placement on public bulletin boards and the 11x17 is for use in the field at the dump site.

Stop Illegal Dumping (color 8.5 x 11) *.pdf

Stop Illegal Dumping (color 8.5 x 11) *.doc(MS Word)   
No Dumping (11 x 17) *.pdf

No Dumping (11 x 17) *.doc(MS Word)

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