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Who must report? Owners and operators of facilities that meet all of the reporting thresholds listed in Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-know Act (EPCRA).

What type of information is included in the report? The report details the amounts of toxic chemicals that were released into the air, water and to the land, either routinely or as a result of accidents.

What is the purpose of the report? To inform government officials and the public about releases of toxic chemicals into the environment.

Does Nevada impose a report fee? YES! Questions regarding fees should be directed to the Nevada State Emergency Response Commission at (775) 687-6973. Additional information regarding fees is available at: http://serc.nv.gov/

Where can you get a copy of the report forms? A copy of the TRI Report Form R & Instructions are available at: www.epa.gov/tri

Where do you send your completed tri report?

Regular Mail:
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Attention: TRI Reporting Center
P. O. Box 10163
Fairfax, VA 22038

Certified Mail:
TRI Reporting Center
c/o CGI Federal, Inc.
12601 Fair Lakes Circle
Fairfax, VA 22033

Send a copy (paper or computer diskette), with the applicable report fee, to:

State Emergency Response Commission
107 Jacobsen Way
Carson City, NV 89711

Make the fee check payable to the Nevada State Emergency Response Commission.

When is the tri report due? By July 1st, for the previous calendar year.

Sources Of Additional Information And Assistance: US EPA EPCRA Hotline (800) 424-9346 or (703)412-9810
US EPA Region 9 TRI Program - (415) 744-1087 Internet Address: www.epa.gov/tri
Related Information: Read/Print NDEP Guide - Toxic Release Inventory for Nevada (In Adobe PDF File Format -- 600 KB)

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