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The mission of the Bureau of Safe Drinking Water is to protect the public health of the citizens, tourists and visitors to the State by assuring that the public water systems provide safe and reliable drinking water. Nevada Revised Statute 445A.800 states, "It is the policy of this state to provide for water which is suited for drinking and other domestic purposes and thereby promote the public health and welfare." Nevada's Safe Drinking Water Program dates back many years and continues to strive to accomplish its mission (Read 2 page History document ).

A public water system as defined in Nevada Revised Statute 445A.235 "means a system, regardless of ownership, that provides the public with water for human consumption through pipes or other constructed conveyances, if the system has 15 or more service connections, as defined in NRS 445A.843, or regularly serves 25 or more persons ".

Safe drinking water is vital to the public health, welfare and economy of Nevada. The moment a person opens a drinking water tap it represents perhaps the most intimate connection between public trust and the government's duty to protect public health. Unlike many other day-to-day government activities, drinking water regulation has a direct and immediate effect on the well being of every citizen. Read more about Nevada's Safe Drinking Water Program.

NRS 445A.800
NRS 445A.955

Main Office:
901 South Stewart Street
Suite 4001
Carson City, Nevada 89701-5249
Phone (775) 687-9520
Fax (775) 687-5699

Las Vegas Office:
2030 East Flamingo Road
Suite 230
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
Phone (702) 486-2850
Fax (702) 486-2863

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