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Microbiology, Chemistry, and Radiochemistry

How to Apply:

The 2016-2017 application is ready.
You will be required to acknowledge that you have READ AND UNDERSTOOD the information that follows below. Be sure you have understood what you are agreeing to.

Certification and/or Nevada Approval are only for parameters and approved methods required for compliance purposes. If your 2015-16 or 2016-17 scope does not include parameters on previous years’ scopes this may be why. Please read the change list below and be prepared to fill out the application accordingly.

1. Standard methods will be limited to the most recent version of the method. The edition citation will no longer appear on state of Nevada scopes.
2. When requesting EPA SW-846 methods, the revision designation will no longer appear on the Nevada scopes. (Example 8260B will appear as 8260.)
3. Under the Mining program specific parameters not addressed in the CWA, Nevada Approval will be issued for those parameters listed on the application.
4. For certification under the SDWA, parameters approved under 40 CFR, part 141 and part 143.4(b) (as specified in NAC 445A.54264) will be available on the application.
5. For certification under the CWA, parameters approved in 40 CFR, part 136 (NAC 445A.0622) will be available on the application. State specific parameters are also available.
6. There is no longer an “Additional Parameters” tab. Under CWA or RCRA, if you wish to request an analyte or method that is not on the application you will be charged a fee. (Any other individual contaminant = $200. Any other multi-contaminant method = $400.). The Lab must make the request via email. The request will be reviewed by the LCP Program Manager or LCP Supervisor and approved or rejected.

Requirements for the Nevada Lab Certification Program:

Performance Test Sample:
SEE 2003 NELAC Standard 2.7.2 Initial or Continuing PT Studies
Results must be sent to us by your PT provider. The PT results must come digitally in the Utah format so they can be downloaded into our database. The PT Provider must be accredited by a Proficiency Testing Oversight Body (PTOB)/PTPA that meets the TNI PTOB/PTPA requirements. All PT results must be OK'd for release to a regulatory agency prior to the publication of the results. A laboratory seeking to obtain or maintain certification must successfully complete two initial or continuing PT studies for each method within the most recent three rounds attempted. For a laboratory seeking to obtain certification, the most recent three rounds attempted must have occurred within 18 months of the laboratory’s application date. A missed study will be counted as a failure.

When PTs are not available follow these instructions

Onsite Assessment:
If you are an in-state laboratory you must pass an onsite assessment by our office.

If you are an out-of-state laboratory you must have your Certifying Authority or primary Accrediting Body send us your current scope and onsite report (including any corrective actions). All methods for which you are seeking certification for in Nevada must have been assessed and granted certification/accreditation by a recognized Accrediting Body or Certifying Authority recognized by the State of Nevada.

Do not send in any fees until you have received an Invoice with the exact amount required for certification and a FY 2016 invoice number. The Nevada fee schedule can be found here. The Fees for the Mining Lab Approval Program is based on the CWA Fees. We cannot begin to process your application until we have received your fees. Each time an application amendment is requested a $500 application fee will be assessed.

What is the Nevada 7-11 Test?
Information on Nevada's "7-11 Test" for Hazardous Waste.


Do you analyze compliance samples for perchlorate for the State of Nevada under the CWA or RCRA for the Bureau of Corrective Actions (BCA)? If so our sampling protocol is detailed here.

TCLP and SPLP Certification:

  • In order to be granted certification for TCLP you must submit acceptable PT results.
  • You must pass PTs for 80% of the metals, volatiles or semivolatiles to be granted certification. The example below is how the parameter would be displayed on your scope for metals.
    • Method = 1311-Metals
    • Analyte = TCLP Extracted Metals

  • In order to be granted certification of SPLP you must submit a copy of your SOP for EPA 1312. It must be approved by LCP.
  • You must also submit acceptable PT results for the methods which you will be using in conjunction with the prep method.
  • You must pass 80% of the metals, volatiles or semivolatiles to be granted certification. The example below is how the parameter would be displayed on your scope for metals.
    • Method = 1312-Metals
    • Analyte = SPLP Extracted Meta


The 2015-16 certifications expire on July 31, 2016. Your fees must be submitted prior to that date. You must submit the application in a timely manner that allows us to review the application and send you the invoice. Allow time for your processing of the invoice and submittal of fees.

Please submit your application as soon as possible.

By clicking this link to download the application I am acknowledging that I have read and understood the above information.

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