Presentation On the UGTA Strategy
   To ASME Peer Review Panel

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State of Nevada
Division of Environmental
Protection - NDEP

Presentation by Paul Liebendorfer
Bureau of Federal Facilities

On the UGTA Strategy
ASME Peer Review Panel

June 13, 2001 - Las Vegas, Nevada

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General Vicinity Map of Nevada and surrounding states.
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State of Nevada

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Vicinity Map of the Great Basin -- There are no major river drainages from the Great Basin
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The Great Basin

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There were 100 atmospheric tests and 828 underground tests conducted at the Nevada Tests Site (NTS)
Nuclear Testing In Nevada

  • 1950s Nuclear Testing Initiated at the Nevada Test Site (NTS) [Source Reference]
  • 100 Atmospheric Tests
  • 828 Underground Tests
  • One Underground Test at CNTA
  • One Underground Test at Shoal Site [Link]
  • Numerous Subcritical Surface Tests conducted on both NTS and Nellis Range

    *September 1992 Testing Ends

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This above ground atmospheric nuclear test was conducted at the Nevada Test Site on May 25, 1953. Named "Grable" the nuclear bomb was fired from a 280 mm gun. The test was an "Airburst, it was weapons related and had an estimated yield range of 15 Kiloton
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History of Groundwater Investigations at the NTS
Background -- History of Groundwater Investigations

DOE Program Evolution

  • Hydrologic Resource Management Program (HRMP)

  • Ground Water Characterization Program (GCP)

  • Underground Test Area Project (UGTA)

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National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents published on nuclear testing, research and development and environmental restoration at the NTS Test Site

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Documentation
  • 1970, 1973 & 1975 AEC issues NTS/EIS Documents.

  • 1977 ERDA issues NTS Final EIS EIS discloses radiological contamination in the groundwater.

  • 1996 DOE issues Final NTS EIS The EIS discloses source term in groundwater 120 million curies

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Topographical Map of the NTS.

The Map depicts the locations of Pahute Mesa, Yucca and Frenchman Flats and Area 25, otherwise knowen as Jackass Flats
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Background History leading to the Environmental Restoration and Waste Management (ERWM) program at the NTS
Environmental Restoration
  • 1988 DOE/EPA initiates CERCLA evaluation of the NTS In the early 1990s EPA decides not to make any formal determinations related to NTS under Superfund.

  • 1989 DOE Tiger Teams identifies environmental program deficiencies at the NTS.

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Background on the NTS Groundwater Characterization Program
Groundwater Characterization Program

  • Groundwater Characterization Program (GCP) formalized in 1989.

  • GCP developed a plan for 100 wells to characterize groundwater contamination beneath the NTS.

  • DOE decides to follow the CERCLA process for the groundwater investigation.

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