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The Regulation Branch has responsibility for protecting waters of the State under the water pollution control regulations. The branch consists of the permitting and inspection sections. The permitting section issues Water Pollution Control Permits to ensure that the quality of Nevada's water resources are not impacted by mining activity. The inspection section conducts regular inspections during the life of a mining facility to confirm that operations are in compliance with permit requirements.

The Closure Branch also has the responsibility of protecting waters of the state under the water pollution control regulations. This branch works with facilities at the cessation of operations to ensure that all components are left chemically stable for the long term. The closure branch issues water pollution control permits and conducts inspections to ensure that the mine site, in the closure and post-closure period, will not degrade waters of the state.

The Reclamation Branch regulates exploration and mining operations in Nevada on both private and public lands. The branch issues permits to exploration and mining operations to reclaim the disturbance created to a safe and stable condition to ensure a productive post-mining land use. An operator must obtain a reclamation permit prior to construction of any exploration, mining or milling activity that proposes to create disturbance over 5 acres or remove in excess of 36,500 tons of material (ore plus overburden) from the earth in any calendar year. Aggregate or sand pit operations are excluded from obtaining a reclamation permit. In addition to obtaining a reclamation permit, an operator must file a surety with the Division or federal land manager to ensure that reclamation will be completed, should an operator default on the project.

In summary, BMRR works with industry and the public to ensure that mining operations in the state, from initial design through reclamation, do not negatively impact the environment and that the land will be returned to a productive post-mining use.

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