1) Where can I get information about the project?
  • Contact the BMI Common Areas Remediation Project information line at (702) 486-2850 x235. Information is also readily available on the NDEP's Basic Management website.

  • Additional information is available from DCNR's Public Information Officer JoAnn Kittrell; she can be reached at (775) 684-2712 or you can email her at;

  • Information is also available at Landwell's (BMI's) website.
2. What is the project schedule?
  • Detailed information regarding the project schedule is posted on NDEP's Basic Management website (see top of page — BRC Environmental Cleanup Project Schedule)

  • Generally, the project will be under full scale soils remediation by June 2008 and is expected to be completed by June 2010. Groundwater investigation and remediation (if necessary) may continue after June 2010.
3. What is being done to address dust?
  • Clark County Department of Air Quality and Environmental Management (DAQEM) has regulatory primacy over dust issues. The BMI Common Areas project is in full compliance with DAQEM requirements.

  • DAQEM's dust control permit sets the guidelines for what precautions the developer must control their dust. Here is the actual handbook developer's follow to meet dust control regulations. [204 pages - PDF file]

  • To report a violation of the County's air quality regulations, please contact the County's Dust Control Hotline at: Phone: (702) 385-DUST (3878) — Outside the local Las Vegas calling area: Call (toll free) 1-866-407-6965. Or you can email them at: DustHotline@co.clark.nv.us

  • In addition, the NDEP has required supplemental air monitoring as detailed in the project Perimeter Air Monitoring Plan (PAMP). Of note, the PAMP requires air monitoring for a number specific chemicals and the data obtained from this monitoring is compared to hyper-conservative "action levels". This information is closely reviewed by BMI and the NDEP.

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