Sun Valley Water and Sanitation District Water System Improvement Project

Views of Sun Valley from the 7th Ave Tank


The Sun Valley Water and Sanitation District (District) is located in Washoe County north of Reno off Clear Acre Lane between the Pyramid Highway (Route 455) and US Highway 395 North. The District's southern boundary is located approximately one-half mile north of the Reno city limits near Rampion Drive. The northern boundary extends approximately 3 miles to Bureau of Land Management land.

The District was established on June 30, 1965, as a general improvement district. Water is provided to the District through the Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA) water treatment, distribution, pumping and storage facilities. The District operates and maintains the water utility within their service area. The incoming water is boosted to one of six water storage tanks located around the valley. These water storage tanks hold a combined 6 million gallons of water. The water is then gravity fed into the distribution system. More than 1,600 new customers have been added over the last few years through the construction of 15 miles of new pipeline, a 2 million gallon water storage tank and the expansion of TMWA's pump stations and distribution system that deliver water to the District.

A water conservation plan was developed in 1992 pursuant with NRS 540.131. The plan addresses the management of water and identifies specific water conservation measures. It has not been approved and therefore is not implemented as yet.

The District manages the water system and collects metered data on a regular basis for each service. The schedule for implementing the plan is contingent upon approvals by the State Engineer's office. Water conservation programs are ongoing including restrictions on outdoor watering and public awareness day in July for public participation and information.

Water meters are installed on water services within the District service area. The District currently records water usage via a meter reading program. Meter reading includes tagging potential leakage at the meter and reporting of abnormally high or low water usage on monthly water bills. The District may discontinue service for abnormally high water usage. In addition, the District has implemented a program to test and repair all meters.

Educational brochures and videos are provided to the public to encourage Xeriscape landscaping and reduce outside watering. There are currently no outside watering restrictions imposed by the District. Average daily water usage per household is approximately 365 gallons.


The proposed project included:
1) the replacement of 300,000 gallons of storage due to both the discontinued use of a tank that was leaching VOC's from its lining and to the addition 1.2 million gallons of storage. The District has no wells and relies totally on water purchased from the Truckee Meadows Water Authority. This would bring the District in compliance with NAC 445A.6674, NAC 445A.66745, NAC 445A.6675; 2) modifications needed to ensure adequate pumping at the J.T. Booster Pumping Station bringing the system into compliance with NAC 445A.66965, NAC 445A.66995;
3) the installation of a 7th Avenue pressure reducing station will ensure an additional feed into the District's largest pressure zone. The additional water will help the District comply with emergency and operational supplies as well as continuity of service. In addition, this pressure reducing station will help with maintaining required minimum pressures for this pressure zone and bring the system into compliance with NAC 445A.6672;
4) extensions of the water mains will provide for the continued water quality, pressure, fire flow and system efficiency and bring the system into compliance with NAC 445A.6672, NAC 445A.6712, NAC 445A.

The Sun Valley Water and Sanitation District applied for a grant under the AB 198 program for the water system improvement project described above. The grant was originally approved by the Board for Financing Water Projects (Board) on December 5, 2002, for $647,971 (57.1% of the total eligible project cost of $1,134,800).

Since the time of the original grant award, the eligible cost, based on actual construction contracts, has increased significantly. The increases in construction cost for the 7th Avenue Water Storage Tank can be attributed to the following: increases in concrete and steel cost since the original estimate was prepared in 2001 and major site work was not included in the original estimate, resulting in the current cost per gallon being about 2.5 times the cost used in the original estimate. Increases in construction costs for 7th Avenue Tank transmission main are due to increases in the cost of labor and materials. The original estimated engineering costs did not include the engineer providing construction inspection and construction management services. In addition, the increase in labor cost is approximately 2% per year. The District requested additional grant funds and on November 3, 2005, the Board approved an increase in the grant amount to $929,542 (57.1% of the total eligible project cost of $1,627,919). The project scope is unchanged.


The project is complete. Project photos.

7th Avenue Storage Tank and Transmission Line
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Trenching for the transmission line from the new tank Trenching for the transmission line from the new tank Trenching for the transmission line from the new tank
Pad for new water storage tank Control Valve Vault - 7th Avenue Storage Tank Storage Tank Overflow Outlet
Control Valve Vault - 7th Avenue Storage Tank Storage Tank Overflow Outlet 7th Avenue Storage Tank