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  Nevada Water & Wastewater Review Committee
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Board For Financing Water Projects  

Are you uncertain who can assist in funding your project?

We recognize that the needs associated with infrastructure deficiencies are increasing while many federal and state funding resources are dwindling. Collaboration between the major funding agencies in the state was initiated in 2006 as a subcommittee of the Infrastructure for Nevada Communities (INC) group that existed for many years in Nevada. INC's mission statement is "To provide a forum for coordination on utilities serving Nevada communities to promote efficient application of technical and financial assistance and to ensure they have the best access to resources." The subcommittee known as the Nevada Water and Wastewater Review Committee (NWWRC) is composed of representatives from the different funding groups in the state: the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) - Drinking Water & Clean Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF/CWSRF) Loan programs, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Loan/Grant program and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development - Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

This collaborative effort allows us to stretch limited funding dollars and support the greatest number of projects. The USDA, CDBG, and NDEP are working together to help future water and wastewater loan and grant applicants determine the best approach to funding their projects.

NWWRC has a "pre-application" common to all of the funders that makes coordination and communication between the agencies and applicants simple and allows the NWWRC to suggest funding solutions that are most appropriate while leveraging all of the funding available in the state. This pre-application process involves potential applicants filling out a pre-application form and sending it to the NWWRC for comment.

If you have a water or wastewater project in mind and need funding assistance, please take a few minutes to complete the form (see below) and send it back to any of the review committee members listed on the instructions page. The review committee will consider the proposal and respond to your pre-application with comments and further guidance.

Please note this form does not replace the application forms required by the USDA, CDBG, or NDEP at this time. Sending in a pre-application form will keep all of the funding agencies better informed of your needs/plans and should help in getting the funding you need to implement your project(s).

The NWWRC representatives also share a common goal of seeing water systems achieve full cost pricing through the setting of appropriate water rates and also the setting aside of funds for capital replacement, capital improvements, and emergency repairs.

The applicant should submit one (1) original and four (4) copies (total of five) of the project proposal to one of the NWWRC Agencies listed below.

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