Goals and objectives of the SRF program are as follows:
  • Protect the public health by providing financial assistance for the construction of publicly owned Wastewater Treatment Plants and non-point source control projects.
  • Provide best available financial assistance to municipalities and interstate agencies through the management of the SRF.
  • Ensure technical integrity of the SRF program through adequate and effective planning, engineering reviews and compliance inspection.
  • Ensure proper accounting, audit and fiscal procedures.
  • Maintain an adequate data management system.
  • Administer the SRF so that its revolving nature is assured perpetuity.
Projects which are eligible for SRF loans are:
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant construction and repair
  • Collection system construction system and repair
  • Erosion control activities
  • Water rights acquisitions
  • Landfill closure activities
  • Underground storage tank removal