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Petroleum Fund CEM Cost Guidelines

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Guidance: Soil Excavation & Petroleum(1)
    Fund Reimbursement

The Petroleum "Fund" was initially implemented in 1989 by state legislation to assist owners and operators of regulated underground storage tanks in meeting the federal requirement for financial responsibility pursuant to Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 40 CFR 280.90 through 280.99.

The Fund also allows voluntary enrollment of non-regulated petroleum storage tanks and automatically covers releases from residential heating oil tanks. The Fund provides reimbursement to the qualified storage tank owner/operators for corrective action costs associated with cleaning up petroleum product releases.

(1) Describes when regulatory concurrence is needed for excavation during initial abatement activities and when bidding is required for soil disposal in Northern Nevada.

Next Meeting —March 11, 2015 at 10:00 am
Carson City location — Bryan Building, 901 South Stewart Street (2nd Floor, Tahoe Room)
Las Vegas location — Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, 2030 East Flamingo Road, Suite 230 (Red Rock Conference Room)
Read /Download the — Meeting Agenda (pending)
Note: The deadline for claims 1998 and earlier is January 6, 2015. The deadline for all others is January 21, 2015.

Please note: A claim must be complete upon submittal, including all required signatures and NTEP concurrence letters. The submittal date will be formerly recorded as the date NDEP has a complete claim.

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For additional information contact (775) 687-9374

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