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  Eureka, Nevada— Site Investigation Related to Historic Milling and Smelting BCA Home Page   
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September 2013 — Fact Sheet - NDEP and EPA to Clean Up Yards Free Blood Lead Level Testing Offered at Eureka Medical Center

March 2013 Eureka Smelter Site Removal
    Assessment Report

April 2013 — New Fact Sheet: NDEP & EPA
    Offer Final Round of Soil Testing

October, 2012 NDEP Presentation
   Eureka Historic Smelter Assessment - 17 slides

October, 2012 NSHD Presentation
   Eureka Lead Testing Summary - 10 slides

October, 2012 US EPA Presentation
   EPA Emergency Response Program - 21 slides

July 23, 2012 EPA Presentation
   [11 slides]

July 23, 2012 NDEP Presentation
   [12 slides]

Fact Sheets


Eureka Smelting History

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Information About Lead

Letter and Access Agreement for Final Round of Free Soil Testing on Eureka Properties

EPA Eureka Smelter Website
  [External Links]

As area residents are well aware, mills and lead smelters operated historically in the town of Eureka, Nevada from about 1870 until 1910. In the spring of 2012, staff from the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) and the United States Protection Agency (US EPA) sampled weathered slag associated with historic smelters along with bare soil in various locations in town.

Results of this testing indicate elevated levels of lead and arsenic in soil. Ingestion of contaminated soil may pose health risks, particularly for young children who may be exposed by playing in bare soil where contaminants are present.

To evaluate whether there are any health impacts, free blood lead level testing was offered to area residents through November 2012 at the Eureka Medical Center located at 250 South Main Street.

Starting the week of September 10, 2013 yard cleanups have started at occupied residential properties with the highest concentrations of lead and arsenic in soil. Additional information provided in the September 2013 fact sheet linked on the left.

NDEP is working with Nevada Rural Health Centers to reinstate free blood lead level testing at the Eureka Medical Clinic starting after September 30, 2013 (starting date to be determined).

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