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What is a CEM? NAC 459.9704 (NRS 459.485, 459.500) "Environmental manager" means a natural person who is certified by the Division pursuant to NAC 459.972 or 459.9724 to act as a consultant relating to:

  1. The management of hazardous waste;
  2. The investigation of a site to determine the release or potential release of a hazardous substance;
  3. The sampling of air, soil, surface water or groundwater to determine the release of a hazardous substance;
  4. The response to a release of a hazardous substance;
  5. The cleanup of a release of a hazardous substance; or
  6. The remediation of water or soil contaminated by a hazardous substance.

What is a UTH? Handler of underground storage tanks defined. NAC 459.9705 (NRS 459.485, 459.500) "Handler of underground storage tanks" means a natural person who is certified by the Division pursuant to NAC 459.9722 or 459.9724 to install, repair, upgrade or close underground storage tanks pursuant to 40 C.F.R. Part 280, as that part existed on June 12, 1990.

What is a UTT? Tester of underground storage tanks defined. NAC 459.9715 (NRS 459.485, 459.500) "Tester of underground storage tanks" means a natural person who is certified by the Division pursuant to NAC 459.9723 or 459.9724 to test the tightness of underground storage tanks pursuant to 40 C.F.R. Section 280.43(c), as that section existed on June 12, 1990.

What is a Consultant? (Ref: NAC 459.9701) A person who provides information, opinion or advice for a fee or in conjunction with other services which a fee is charged, in Nevada.

How do I apply to take the exam? Submit an application form and fee. The application form is quite detailed and if received as incomplete, may result in a delay in taking the exam.

How do I know if I qualify to take the exam? (Ref: NAC 459.972) You must meet one of the following:

  • A bachelor's degree/advanced degree from an accredited college/university in an area relating to the environment and at least 3 years of relevant environmental experience within the last 5 years.
  • An equivalent combination of appropriate education and/or experience totaling 7 years.

When should I submit my application and fee? Applications should be submitted as soon as possible. They are accepted year round. Early approval will get you on the list for the test early as there are a limited number of seats.

Applications MUST be submitted 6 weeks prior to the exam at a minimum. Per regulation, the CEM program manager has 6 weeks to review an application. In addition, registration for the exam must be submitted 30 days prior to the exam date. (NAC 459.9726)

What are the costs associated with the application process?

What is required regarding documents submitted to NDEP by Cems? Jurat. A holder of a certificate who is responsible for a service requiring certification shall ensure that each document relating to the services includes the jurat. (Ref: NAC 459.97285) This should be included in all submitted documents and NOT be modified.

Who can perform Phase I Site Assessments in Nevada? You must be a CEM to perform Phase I's in Nevada. A Phase I is a background search which may include a site walkover. The objective is to determine initial areas of interest for the screen phase (Phase II) to begin a conceptual model. (Ref: NAC 459.9704)

Who can perform Automatic Line Leak Detector Tests in Nevada? Anyone with the proper test equipment and training per manufacturers specifications and recommendations.

Who can perform testing for tightness of underground tanks and associated piping, for a fee, in Nevada? An Underground Storage Tank Tester certified by the Division.

Do any of Nevada's three certifications have any reciprocity in other states? No, nor does Nevada accept other State certifications.

Do Tank Handlers/Tank Testers need to complete a training course in the safe handling of USTs? (Ref: NAC 459.9722-3) Yes. The following are examples of the type of courses accepted by NDEP:

  • Petcon: (800) 852-8374, Contact: Alex Ralston: A Contractors Guide to UST Closures; How to Install Underground Fuel Storage Tanks & Piping; 8 Hour Refresher Course for UST Sites
  • State OSHA/Fire Marshal: 40 hour OSHA/Hazwopper (29 CFR 1910.120)

Can Tank Handlers perform confirmation soil samples during a tank pull? (Ref: NAC 459.9972) Yes. Handlers may take the samples as required in 40 CFR 280 subpart G, as part of the tank closure process, one sample on each end of UST.

If a reportable quantity of contamination, as defined in Nevada regulations (Ref: NAC 445A.347), exists in the excavation then sampling must be conducted by a CEM. Correct sampling protocol must be followed. Petcon offers basic sampling courses in combination with safety training courses. For additional information contact: Petcon at (800) 852-8374. Samples must be sent to a Nevada Certified Laboratory.

Will NDEP notify me when it is time to renew my certification? (Ref: NAC 459.9727) It is the responsibility of the certification holder to apply for renewal in a timely manner. Please be sure to update your contact information as necessary, as failure to do so is not a valid excuse for tardiness.

There is NO GRACE PERIOD. Please advise NDEP of any address changes that occur. If the address is incorrect, no additional efforts will be made to obtain a current address. If you fail to renew you certification by the date our certificate expires, you will have to reapply, pay all required fees, and retake any required exams.

What is a Jurat and how is it used. On March 26, 1996 regulations were adopted by the State Environmental Commission requiring a jurat or certification or affidavit on documents relating to services requiring certification. The jurat is intended to clearly delineate who is in responsible control of the work conducted but the consultant - For more information see the Guidance for Use of the Jurat

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