Nevada Brownfields Program
  Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund — BCRLF
  he Nevada Brownfields Program currently operates a $2 million dollar revolving loan fund intended to help property owners or developers cover the costs associated with the cleanup of sites with environmental contamination.

Secured loans can be provided at below-market rates and with flexible repayment options at those sites, which are undergoing cleanup, under the State's "corrective action" regulations. Specifically, the loan funding can be used to pay for any required cleanup actions under the State's cleanup program.

All private landowners and developers may be eligible for the loan program as long as they are not responsible for causing the contamination to be cleaned up with the loan funds. Loan funds are to be used only for cleanup activities, not site construction or development functions.

Loan rates and repayment schedules are negotiable on a site-by-site basis, although the NDEP will rely on recommendations made by its independent fund manager to ensure the long-term stability of the fund.

Please find more information on this program through the following documents and links. Also, for more information you may contact Nevada Brownfields Program Manager.

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