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Data and Information Management Branch - Emissions Reporting, Permit Invoice and Payment

Permit Invoices and Fee Payment


The Data and Information Management Branch processes Air Quality Operating Permit application fees. Permit applications submitted without the correct application fee are considered incomplete and will be returned.

Invoices for annual Air Quality Operating Permit maintenance and emission fees are sent out in May. Included are precious metals mining facilities that have a Nevada Mercury Air Emissions Control Program Operating Permit to Construct (M-OPTC) that are subject to a separate maintenance fee associated with that program. Permit fee payments are due on or before June 30th. An additional 25% late penalty fee will be assessed for all annual fees not paid within 30 days of the due date. Make your payment payable to the “Nevada State Treasurer, Environmental Protection” and include the full invoice # on your remittance. Payments to the State for $10,000 or more must be made electronically.

Emissions Reporting

The Data and Information Management Branch sends out annually Actual Production/Emissions Reporting Forms to all Class I, II, and III permitted sources in January. Permitted facilities have until March 1st to return the completed Actual Production/Emissions Reporting Forms. Responsible officials from regulated facilities prepare and submit the annual emission reports in accordance with the terms of their air quality permit. Those reports are used to generate the appropriate annual permit fee for each regulated source.

For questions on emissions reports and permit fees for major sources and precious metals mining facilities, call Patrick Anderson at 775-687-9351.

Emissions reporting and permit fees questions for all other facilities should be directed to Dave McNeil at 775-687-9355.