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Permit Guidance: Permit Maintenance

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What is annual emission reporting and how do I get help with it?

Annual emission reporting is a regulatory requirement that provides data of the actual amount of regulated air pollutants emitted from a permitted facility for regional and statewide Air Quality Planning. The NDEP is required to submit facility emissions to the U.S. EPA annually (National Emissions Inventory). The reported annual emissions are also used to calculate the annual permit maintenance fee for facilities with a Class I permit. The annual emissions portion of the annual fee is derived by multiplying the total amount of regulated air pollutants emitted, excluding Carbon Monoxide (CO) or Greenhouse Gases, in tons by $16.32 for the preceding calendar year. Each year in the month of January the BAPC sends each permit holder an Emission Inventory form generated specific to their permitted facility. The permitted facility completes the Emission Inventory form and returns it to the BAPC by March 1. The Emission Inventory form is then reviewed by BAPC and billing invoices are generated and sent-out in May.

For more information contact the BAPC technical assistance at 775-687-9351.

What should I expect during a compliance inspection?

A compliance inspection is typically an unannounced visit by a BAPC compliance officer. The compliance officer will provide identification when they arrive on-site. The compliance officer will review the facility permit and its specific operating requirements and then compare them to the facility and its operation. The compliance officer will want to see that a facility's permit is clearly posted in a conspicuous location. They may also ask to view measuring devices, control equipment and your monitoring and recordkeeping records.

For more information about the BAPC Compliance Branch you may contact the Compliance Supervisor at 775-687-9530.

Any recommendations for a trouble-free permit experience?

But of course. Here are a few suggestions to facilitate your permit experience:

  1. At any time, do not be afraid to ask questions.
  2. When submitting an application for a permit please be sure that the application is complete. If an item is omitted or incorrect it may generate a less than optimal permit and lead to a violation if a compliance officer notes that the physical operating equipment or processes are different than those outlined in your permit.
  3. When a permit is issued, please review it for the proper equipment, processes, throughput rates and make sure that the monitoring and recordkeeping requirements are understood. If you have any questions or concerns contact the BAPC immediately.
  4. It is wise to develop a monitoring and recordkeeping operating procedure for your facility and to train staff accordingly. Proper monitoring and recordkeeping records are critical to determining permit compliance and are required as conditions of the permit.
  5. Any alteration in a process, equipment or related construction requires a permit revision.
  6. Be sure to submit a complete permit renewal with the proper fees well in advance of the expiration date of your permit.
    • For a Class I renewal submit at least 240 days but no earlier than 18 months before the expiration of the current permit.
    • For a Class II renewal submit at least 70 days before the expiration of the current permit.