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Permit Guidance: My Existing Permit

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Who do I call if I have a question about my existing permit?

If you have any questions please contact the BAPC at 775-687-9350. Let our receptionist know what type of project you have a question regarding and you will be directed to the appropriate staff expert. You may also reach us toll free at 800-992-0900, extension 687-4670. If a working relationship has been initiated with a specific BAPC staff member, you may check our organizational chart and contact that person directly.

What if I want to change or modify my process or equipment?

This requires a permit revison. A violation may be issued if a facility's process and/or equipment does not match those specified in the permit. A permit revision requires submittal of a permit modification application and a processing fee. A permit revision (and the issuance of a new or revised permit) is required before construction of a modification may occur. Permit revision applications are available from the BAPC download page.

How long is my permit valid?

A permit's expiration date is stated on the authorization or signature page. The signature page is located at the end of the permit document. A permit may be renewed (for the same lifespan as the original) except for the Class I Operating Permit to Construct. The Class I Operating Permit to Construct converts to a Class I Operating Permit or expires. In general, the following times apply:

Permit Lifespan

Class I Operating Permit
Class II Operating Permit
Class II General Permit
Class II SAD
5 years
Class II COLATwelve months of operation at one loaction.
Class I Operating Permit to Construct 12 months after initial facility start-up.

Will expire if construction is not commenced within 18 months of the date of issuance or if construction is delayed 18 months after initiated.

Is a permit transferable?

Yes, a permit may be transferable. However there are a few points that you should be aware of:

  1. If the physical address, ownership, contact information or responsible official information changes you need to submit an application for an Administrative Amendment. An Administrative Amendment costs $200 (NAC 445B.327).
  2. The permit only remains valid if the new permit holder operates in the same location, according to the specific operating conditions of the permit and follows all the requirements stated within the permit. Any modifications to equipment, processes, or throughput rates require a permit revision.
  3. It is not the responsibility of a seller to provide an operating permit.