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Welcome to the Bureau of Air Pollution Control

The mission of the Bureau of Air Pollution Control (BAPC) is to achieve and maintain levels of air quality which will protect human health and safety, prevent injury to plant and animal life, prevent damage to property, and preserve visibility and the scenic, esthetic and historic values of the State.

This mission is accomplished through reasonable, fair and consistent implementation of state and federal air quality rules and regulations. The authority for BAPC to implement air pollution control requirements has been established in Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 445B.100 through 445B.825, inclusive, and NRS 486A.010 through 486A.180, inclusive.

The BAPC has jurisdiction of air quality programs over all counties in the State except for Washoe and Clark Counties. These counties have their own distinct Air Quality jurisdictions with the BAPC retaining jurisdiction of (only) fossil fuel-fired units that generate steam for electrical production.

Check our sister agency Bureau of Air Quality Planning (BAQP) regarding ambient air monitoring, mobile sources, smoke management, planning, regional haze, increment tracking, Pahrump non-attainment and emissions auditing.

At a Glance

• The Air Quality Permitting Program permits Major sources (Title V, PSD & Class I), Minor Sources (Class II) and portable, temporary sources (General & COLAs).

• The Compliance and Enforcement Program works with the Air Quality Permitting Program and the Nevada Mercury Control Program to ensure permit compliance.

• The Chemical Accident Prevention Program ensures the safe and adequate handling of hazardous chemicals produced, used, stored or handled; and explosives that are manufactured for sale in this state.

• The Nevada Mercury Control Program requires mercury emissions controls on thermal units located at precious metal mines.

What's New

New  Emission Reduction Credit Program effective October 27, 2015. For information contact Lisa Kremer, Chief, Bureau of Air Pollution Control at or 775-687-9336.

Modeling Requirements for Intermittent Sources and the 1-hr NO2 standard

On August 19, 2015, the BAPC hosted a public workshop on the modeling requirements for intermittent sources and the 1-hr NO2 standard. The purpose of the workshop was to provide information to the public regarding the Bureau of Air Pollution Controlís position on modeling requirements for intermittent sources as they relate to the 1-hr National Ambient Air Quality Standard for Nitrogen Dioxide. The slides from the presentation and the new 1-hour NO2 modeling guidance can be found on our Permit Guidance Webpage.

If you have any questions, please contact Ann McKnight at (775) 687-9349.

  New NAAQS Standards

• In January, the BAPC hosted a public workshop on the new NAAQS standards. A PDF version of the presentation, that was made during the workshop, is avaiable here.

• Notice to permit holders regarding new NAAQS standards - Notice Letter

• Detailed information regarding modeling requirements for the new NAAQS standards - Modeling Details

• Reference material for modeling guidelines - 2008 Modeling Guidelines


• Please see the organizational chart for current BAPC staff contact information.