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Nevada Mercury Control Program (NMCP)

The Nevada Mercury Control Program (NMCP) is a State regulatory program that requires mercury emissions controls on thermal units located at precious metal mines. The NMCP was adopted March 8, 2006 and made effective May 4, 2006. The Program achieves mercury reduction via add-on control technologies. The NMCP requires that all precious metal processing facilities with SIC codes 1041 or 1044 be reviewed for applicability under the NMCP. At this time, the NMCP regulations focus on the potential for mercury emissions from thermal processing units only.

At the core of the NMCP is "NvMACT." NvMACT is the Maximum Achievable Control Technology designated by the NDEP in accordance with NAC 445B.3677. Pursuant to NAC 445B.3625, owners or operators that operate, construct or modify a thermal unit that emits mercury must apply for, and obtain, a Mercury Operating Permit to Construct (Mercury OPTC) to apply the NvMACT. Construction of a new or modified thermal unit that emits mercury requires a permit before construction begins.

The NMCP regulatory authority is found in NAC 445B.3611 to NAC 445B.3689

What's New

The NMCP is pleased to present the Mercury Emissions Managment System (MEMS) Online. MEMS Online performs database queries of historic and current mercury stack test data for the precious metals mining industry. All 2006 and later tests are validated under the NMCP. Invalidated 2006 and newer tests are not included. Pre-2006 tests have not been validated by the NMCP and are available for reference.