State of Nevada
Division of Environmental Protection  (NDEP)

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Blue Mass Scenic Area Blue Mass Scenic Area located north of Ely, Nevada. These are public lands managed by the Federal Bureau of Land Management - BLM. (Expandable Picture is 103KB)
Jarbridge Wilderness Area This is a picture of the Jarbidge Wilderness Area. Jarbidge is located in far northern Nevada on the Idaho Nevada border. The wilderness area lies north of Elko in the Humboldt National Forest. (Expandable Picture is 100 KB)
Yucca Forest in Southern Nevada This is a picture of Yucca Forest located in the Desert National Wildlife Refuge in Southern Nevada. The Desert National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1936 to protect desert bighorn sheep. It encompasses 1.5 million acres and is the largest refuge in the lower 48 states. (Expandable Picture is 112KB)
Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is located 15 miles west of Las Vegas, Nevada, on the eastern slope of the Spring Mountain Range. It covers 196,000 acres. (Expandable Picture is 122KB)
Antelope  in southern Nevada Antelope on the open range in southern Nevada. The antelope are actually on the Nellis Air Force gunnery and bombing range. (Expandable Picture is 60KB)
Reese River near Austin Nevada This is view of the Reese River in north central Nevada. The river is located just east of the town of Austin in the Reese River Valley. (Expandable Picture is 150KB)
Mule Deer in Nevada Nevada supports a large population of Mule Deer (Expandable Picture is 100 KB)
Big Springs,  Ash Meadows This is Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in southern Nevada. Ash Meadows is located in the Amargosa Desert and is home to the rare desert pupfish. The pupfish has survived for millions of years and are found only in a few hot springs in Ash Meadows and nearby Death Valley. (Expandable Picture is 160KB)
Pahranagat Valley Pahranagat Valley is located in south eastern Nevada north of Las Vegas. Springs flow in the valley bringing water to ranches and cottonwood trees. Not shown here is the Pahranagat lakes, which are located at the end of the valley; the lakes serve as a wildlife refuge for flocks of migrating ducks and geese. (Expandable Picture is 136KB)
Wild Mustang Wild horses are part of the Nevada landscape. This is a wild stallion on a ridge top in the hinterlands of the state. Wild horses are protected in Nevada; they are managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). (Expandable Picture is 270 KB)
Mount  Moriah Located in eastern Nevada Mount Moriah is a wilderness area designated within the Humboldt National Forest. Mount Moriah lies just north of Great Basin National Park. (Expandable Picture is 105 KB)
Ruby Marsh The Ruby Marshes are located in northern Nevada near the town of Elko. The marshes provide nesting and feeding grounds for cranes, blue herons, ducks and geese. The marshes are part of the Ruby Lake Wildlife Refuge. (Expandable Picture is 90KB)
Washoe Valley Washoe Valley is located in western Nevada and is the scenic route between the city of Reno and the state capitol Carson City. The valley lies just below Lake Tahoe. This picture shows the view south to Carson City. (Expandable Picture is 59KB)

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